The Venture Capital of Islamic Countries in Innovation

0 Sep 06 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The Venture Capital (VC) meeting of D-8 countries would be held in Tehran, Iran.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, Eng. Mahdi Saffarinia the PTP’s president expressed: "D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network ( TTEN) which has been licensed at the 3rd meeting of D-8 Industry Ministers, has triggered several activities for increasing technological cooperation among D-8 countries. TTEN secretariat undertakes the responsibility of creating proper opportunities for cooperation between the D-8 members’ technology activists and holds several meetings with various subjects of technology.”

He also added: "One of the subjects of the modern technology world is going to Venture Capital at innovation. The organizations of this area named "Venture Capitalists” are being created and developed in Islamic countries. Hence, the TTEN secretariat will hold the first session of the D-8 Technology Investment Meetings titled "Venture Capital” in October 2017.”

"Familiarizing Islamic countries’ VC funds with each other, transferring experiences, reviewing modern models of investing in innovations and managing VC holders at funds are the main axes and we expect the agreement on joint venture will be one of the outputs of the meeting," Saffarinia, stated about the main purposes of the meeting.

He also added: "With the expected achievements of this meeting, we are going to be able to hold meetings of coming years with the participation of innovative start-ups and active investors from member countries.”

DirectorofD-8 TTEN expressed his hope that the meeting can be successful to reach its goals and the plans considered for the meeting which were specified for the countries’ VC funds would be useful and effective.

He also mentioned that VC funds can visit the website to participate at the meeting and register for panels and workshops.

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