The collaboration of Islamic Azad University/ Pardis Branch with the Companies located in Pardis Tec

0 Aug 23 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

"A new season of communications between industry and university is being formed at Islamic Azad University/ Pardis Branch”, said the President of Pardis Islamic Azad University Branch in the joint meeting of the faculty members of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and the managing directors of the knowledge-based Companies of Pardis Technology Park in the field of mechanics and robotics, Ana News Agency reported.

Dr. Hossein Abbaspour underlined the emphasis and policies enumerated by Dr. Tehranchi, the Chancellor of Tehran province Islamic Azad Universities and said, "An effective and executive communication has been established between the Islamic Azad University of Pardis and the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology at Pardis Technology Park.”

He further added, "a few months ago an effective and swift communication was shaped between Islamic Azad University/ Pardis branch and the research department and the knowledge-based Companies of Pardis Technology Park which is still in progress, among others we can mention holding specialized meetings between the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, industrial engineering and civil engineering groups, on one side, and the specialists of the knowledge-based Companies, on the other side, aimed at defining and implementing joint research and technology projects for solving the problems in the field of Industry, introducing workforce from among the graduates and the university students to work as permanently employed or co-op workers in the companies with the purpose of wisely directing the scientific, executive and research programs of the Scientific Communities and the Young Researchers and Elite Club and in line with raising the students’ skill capabilities and promoting their ability to think of new ideas in stepping toward the objectives of the knowledge-based Companies, and taking advantage of the expert employees of the Park as visiting professors for holding educational and skill-raising courses.”

Emphasizing the University and Pardis Technology Park authorities’ call for creating mutual communications, Mr. Abbaspour expressed hope to be able to take steps faster towards the development and prosperity of the Islamic Country by training a creative and innovative workforce in the university and introducing and employing them in the companies and industries.

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