Three PTP Member Companies Won National Digital Transformation Awards

0 Mar 10 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Ertebat Farda E-Commerce Company, Tusan and Fanap Companies located at Pardis Technology Park receive, altogether, a National Digital Transformation Award and Seven Statues of Top Rankings within the 2nd National Digital Transformation Award.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, the 2nd National Digital Transformation Awards were granted to top companies aimed at evaluating, providing feedback and eventually, introducing the leading companies in digital transformation areas including "Digital Life", "Digital Innovation", and "Digital Leadership".

Ertebat Farda E-Commerce Company was chosen as Winner of Year in Digital Evolution by jury committee during the 2nd round of National Digital Transformation Awards. This award was awarded to Tusan Collection last year.

In digital life sector, Simin Statue and Bronze statue was awarded to Ertebat Farda E-Commerce Company and Tusan Company, respectively. In digital innovation sector, Tusan Company won a golden statue of digital innovation for innovation of communication passage of platform-based process and Ertebat Farda E-Commerce Company won a bronze statue of digital innovation for phinnotech innovation.

In digital leadership sector, Shahab Javanmardi, General Director of Fanap Company, Seyed Hamed Ghannadpour, General Director of Ertebat Farda E-Commerce Company, and Rouhollah Fatemi Ardekani, General Director of Tusan Company, were awarded golden, Simin and bronze statues, respectively.

Edited On : Mar 10 2018

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