To Establish a Science and Technology Fund with the Cooperation of Islamic Countries in the Near Fut

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The Secretary of Mustafa Prize's Policy Council said: "We hope to establish a science and technology fund in cooperation with Islamic countries."

According to a scientific reporter of Irna, Mahdi Saffarinia said in the second round of Mustafa Prize: "This fund will be created with the aim of creating prosperity and safety for humanity."

He stated: "Mustafa Prize is a popular trend. A group of scholars from the international community and also Islamic countries are our guests today to join this great movement and provide an opportunity for all people to join as well."

Saffarinia continued: "Therefore, by awarding Mustafa Prize, the Science and Technology Foundation as a successful center is trying to provide a focal point to draw the attention of the world to the Islamic countries' capabilities and intends to create Science and Technology Chain in the world."

The president of Pardis Technology Park mentioned Noor Student Competition and said: "this competition intends to provide a platform to educate students creatively through which the students come out who have valuable assets to face and solve the challenges and problems of the society."

Saffarinia continued: "to hold Noor Competition for two rounds and producing 3600 student activities has had the aforesaid approach. This approach can lead to holding more effective scientific meetings among scientists and researchers."

He also added: "STEP Meetings are held on the initiative of Mustafa Foundation of Science and Technology and in cooperation with Malaysia and Oman, to bring synergy and significant growth for humanity."

Saffarinia said: "this week was named "Mustafa Week" and the scientific meetings and lectures would be held in top 10 universities of Tehran, Isfahan, and Mashad. The investment meeting is also being held with the presence of 8 countries for the commercialization of science and knowledge."

He also thanked 400 legal and 50 natural persons who contributed to the funding of the prize.

***Selection Process

The manager of Mustafa Prize's scientific workgroup said also: "after sending the recall to 700 scientist and 200 scientific and academic organizations of the Islamic world, the candidates sent their works to the secretariat in these 4 fields: Nano Science and Technology, Information and Communication Science and Technology, Biotechnology and Medical Sciences, and also Other Sciences."

Hossein Zohour said that selected works of this round are in the field of ICT, and continued: "One of the selected works is from ICT and the other one is from Other Sciences section. The other parts do not have any selected work."

He said about the terms and conditions of applicants of Mustafa Prize said: "In the fields of Nano Science and Technology, ICT, and Biotechnology and Medical Sciences the applicants have to have the nationality of an Islamic country. They can be resident of another country, but they should come and go regularly to their countries and have an effective relationship with them. But there is no limitation on age, gender and the religion's sect. In Other Sciences section also, there is no need to be resident of one of the Islamic countries. But they should be Muslim. Also, there is no limitation on age and gender."

The manager of Mustafa Prize's Scientific workgroup said: "the recall was sent to 363 international institutions and organizations, 51 Islamic countries out of 57 ones, and 1622 from 28 countries. Then 241 works were received by the deadline which was Dec. 31, 2017."

He explained about 3 requirements that candidates should have: "Firstly, he/she has to be a prominent scientist in his/her field of activity. Secondly, he has to have a specific scientific work, and thirdly, his work must have a global or -at least- regional influence."

He continued: "Therefore, 57 works in the field of ICT were received by the secretariat that two works were selected and sent to policy council. After evaluation one of them was selected, eventually."

Zohour added: "in Other Sciences section 23 works were sent to the secretariat of which one was chosen. But, no work was chosen in the section of Biotechnology and Medical Sciences."

According to the executive document of Mustafa Prize, Sourena Sattari, the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, is the Head of the Policy Council and Mahdi Saffarinia, PTP's president, is its secretary.

Mustafa Prize is a supreme sign of the science and technology that is awarded to top scientists and researchers of the Islamic world, biennially. Mustafa Prize promotes doing research and learning knowledge in Islamic societies by identifying, introducing and appreciating top scientists and researchers of the Islamic world.

In the 2nd round of Mustafa Prize, after completion of judgement process the supreme sign of science and technology of the Islamic world was awarded to 2 scientists in the field of ICT; Prof. Sami Erol Gelenbe, computer scientist, electronics engineer, and applied mathematician from Turkey because of his work about modeling the evaluation of computer system performance, and Dr. Mohammad Amin Shokrollahi, ICT scientist and PhD in computer and communication science because of his work in the field of RAPTOR codes.

Mustafa Prize was approved by I.R.Iran's Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution (SCCR) in 2012 as one of the symbols of scientific merit and excellence all over the world.

This prize which is awarded biennially to top scientists and researchers of the Islamic world would be dedicated to an innovative work on the boundaries of knowledge that is provided by the prominent people in the fields of science and technology and is intended to improve human life.

In the 1st round, Mustafa Prize was awarded to two Muslim scientists; Prof. Ms. Jackie Yi-Ru Ying, nanotechnology researcher from Singapore and Prof. Mr. Omar Yaghi, Jordanian chemist because of his researches about metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

In the week of Mustafa Award (Dec. 02-05), specialized and scientific meetings are held in the fields of ICT, Biotechnology and Medical Sciences, Nano-science and Technology, and Economics and Islamic Banking at University of Tehran, Sharif University of Technology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, Tehran University of Medical Science, Imam Sadegh University, Tarbiat Modarres University, and Iran University of Science and Technology.
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