Unveiling Three Knowledge-Based Products

0 Nov 13 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Three knowledge-based products were unveiled in the 16th Annual Conference and the Festival of the Best of Pardis Technology Park.

"This event takes place every year in Pardis Technology Park, where not only the new products are uncovered, but the best companies and producers are also appreciated. Today, the 16th round of this Conference was held, where three knowledge-based products were put into display by Habibollah Bitaraf, the Deputy of the esteemed Minister of Petroleum, and Morteza Birang, the Deputy of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology”, Mehr News Agency reported.

The unveiled products were as follows:

1- Teeth Root Canal Disinfection and Cleansing Product (Endodontic Therapy), which has been produced by a company in the process of being a knowledge-based enterprise; This products is going to be used as a powerful and complete disinfectant for the infections of the Teeth Root Canal. From among the other privileges of this product we can refer to the cleansing and washing of the teeth root canal from the infectious remains and microorganisms together with Root Canal Therapy, treatment of dental infections and the incurable inflammations around the apex (tip of the tooth), omission of the old biofilms and rapid deactivation of the bacteria.

2- SLS Three-Dimensional Printer manufactured by Asan Laser Company was unveiled today. This product can produce the final parts in low circulation and without the need for effective molding, for those industries who have problems in procuring their needed industrials parts due to sanctions. The smallest sample of SLS Machine manufactured in Germany has been valued about 220 thousand euros, while the Iranian sample produced in this company is sold for only 100 thousand euros.

3- The third product uncovered in this Conference was the Oil Reservoirs Water Automatic Drainage System, which was manufactured by a knowledge-based company; this product can be employed for automatic drainage of water from the bottom of the hydrocarbon reservoirs and all the refineries and petrochemical industries can utilize them. Non-contact of the sensors with hydrocarbon, quick installation and startup as well as economical repair and maintenance costs are among the outstanding characteristics of this Iranian system compared to the other similar international samples.

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