Visit of a group of Spouses of Foreign Ambassadors Residing in Iran from Pardis Technology Park

0 Oct 17 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

A group of spouses of foreign ambassadors residing in Iran, visited Pardis Technology Park in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology in order to become acquainted with the space of the park and also to further influence on Iran's relations with the world.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, 18 spouses of ambassadors from countries such as Germany, Hungary, Finland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, etc. in company with Mrs. Eimanieh, the spouse of Dr. Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister, and Dr. Hamidzadeh, the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology’s Advisor for Women Affairs, visited the Park.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mahdi Saffarinia, the president of Pardis Technology Park, provided a brief overview of the events scheduled for today, meanwhile welcoming the guests.

In the following, Aminreza Khaleghian, PTP's Director General of Communications and International Affairs welcomed the guests and explained about the history, the aims, and the perspectives of the Park, and also the importance of more communication with other countries of the world. Afterwards, Mrs. Hamidzadeh, the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology’s Advisor for Women Affairs, said about the goals of the center to hold such programs: "The Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology's Department of Women Affairs in line with its policies is seeking to make more connections with the other countries of the world through women.”

"In this program, each lady can be a communication way outside of political and administrative bureaucracy to interact with her country. That could be promising to have more and better interaction between us and the world”, she clarified.

Mrs. Hamidzadeh, said about the other impacts of these events: "Here, every lady can be a technology ambassador for us. And transferring the ideas and experiences these ladies gain from Pardis Technology Park, can certainly affect international communities' views to Iran.”

She said about the coming programs of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology: "we plan to develop a program to facilitate entrepreneurship for Iranian women, and we will certainly ask help from the spouses of the foreign ambassadors in Iran, because each of them comes from a different country, nationality and culture and can share different and beneficial experiences with us.”

It is worth mentioning that the guests, after the meeting, visited Fan Amouz Park, the Park's products permanent exhibition, and Shezan and Pars Online companies, and got familiar with some achievements and products of the companies located in the Park.

The spouse of the German ambassador to Iran, in a visit to the Park, was promised by the Park’s administrators to have the opportunity for visiting the Park again with their children, and said to the reporter of the Park: "It is interesting and fascinating for me to see that the women are so active in scientific spaces such as Pardis Technology Park. In my view, the very women can have a lot of influences on the future of this country.”

About the performance of the Park, she believed that this is a good point for the advancement of knowledge and economics, and women with high self-esteem and high level of intelligence can take great strides toward the promotion of knowledge and technology in the Park.

At the end, the spouse of the Australia’s ambassador to Iran, expressed her satisfaction over today’s visit and stated: "Visiting such scientific and cultural spaces is very attractive for us, and in the future, we will affect the relations of our country with Iran as much as we can.”

She talked about the management of the world by women while smiling, and said: "Inviting us to participate in this event was a clever plan, because women can have a great effect on their husbands. And, because of our satisfaction with this visit, we will come here with the ambassadors next time.

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