Visit of the Vice-Prime Minister and the Minister of Economics of Croatia form PTP

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Ms. Martina Dalic, the Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Industries of Croatia, and Mr. Stribor Kikrets, the ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Tehran and the accompanying envoy had a visit from Pardis Technology Park.

In the beginning of the meeting, Mr. (engineer) Safarinia, as the Head of the Park, made remarks on the international measures of the complex and said, "In the field of Information Technology and Software production, the conditions required for cooperation between the private companies of the two countries have been provided.”

The Vice-Prime Minister of Croatia, on the other hand, evaluated the activities and achievements of the Park as positive and added, "This is the right place for those who have ambitious thoughts, and let me congratulate you that you have created an influential area for the top companies and for developing businesses and raising their skills.”

She noted that "We hope that Pardis technology Park will soon turn into a Technology City.”

Minister of economics, entrepreneurship and handicrafts of the Republic of Croatia referred to the mutual cooperation of Iran and Croatia in the field of technology and said, "Both countries are similarly eager and interested in having cooperation, and the Croatian companies are prone to enter the Iranian market.”

The vice-prime minister of Croatia said that some of the companies accompanying him in that trip were active entities in the fields of technology, and he further added, "Croatia has had a substantial role in the field of technology, communications and software production, so we are so much interested in expanding ties between Iranian and Croatian companies through participating in mutual exhibitions, and we believe that INOTEX 2018 can be the starting point.

Having referred to Pardis Technology Park scientists’ Dept., Dalic said, "We hope that, with the advocates of the Embassy of Croatia in Iran, we can have the monuments of the Croatian top scientists such as Nicholas Tesla constructed and installed in Pardis Technology Park.

Then, the guests had a visit from the exhibition of achievements of the member companies. In the end, the also made a visit from Arya Teb Firouz Co., during which Mr. Seyed Salman Ekhvat, director of the center for research and development of the company, made remarks on the achievements and measures of this company in the invention and manufacture of the Haemodialysis machine.

Martina Dalic wrote a short text and left it there in the office of memorials of Pardis Tech Park, which goes as follows:

"On behalf of the Republic of Croatia, I proudly express my interest for further collaborations in the mutual projects between the Iranian and Croatian Companies, and I wish both countries would attain economic growth.”

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