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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."



General and Legal Advantages:

-20 years tax exemption for established companies' annual function, starting from the very beginning of issuing permit which is done by PTP's management system

-Salary payment tax exemption for personnel of PTP's established member companies

-Exemption from all regular custom duties of country

-Granting "Operating License", "Establishment Permission" and also permission to work out within 120 km of Tehran

-Exemption from custom duties and added value tax for importing equipment, related to the specialized field of activity (in near future)

-Profiting from legal benefits of foreign investment in accordance with free trade zones

-Profiting from the unique opportunities of PTP, as the only park which is dependent on "Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology", managed by a board of trustees headed by the First Deputy of President with the membership of some ministers in it

-Profiting from having no tender procedures in PTP's contracts with other governmental organizations

-Increase the technical rating of company in tender offers

-Companies' and their personnel's noncomplying from the regular labor law in the country

-Magnificent and attractive scenery of the city

-Certain land transfer with suitable price and urban infrastructure

-Profiting from the opportunity of visiting and having interaction with internal and external delicate of PTP

-Presenting the achievements and products of the companies in permanent exhibition of PTP's advanced products

-The prevailing security over urban space of PTP

-The possibility for PTP member companies to get the license for establishment and operating from Food and Drug Administration

-Relationship with knowledge-based companies with High-Tech products that are active in different fields of technology and there is possibility to make synergy between them

-To participate in unofficial banquets of PTP which make the possibility to get acquainted with other companies' CEOs

Different Services Available in PTP:

-Services for marketing and technology transfer via "Techmart Center" deployed in PTP

-Services for "New Technologies Development Fund" (facilities, guaranty, leasing, investment, etc.) deployed in PTP

-Services for export which is presented by "Iranian Technology Export Management Company" deployed in PTP

-Supporting the commercialization of ideas and designs

-Supporting the national and international patenting

-Supporting the national and international trademark registration

-Supporting the participation in "Training Courses" held up by PTP

-Supporting the Feasibility Study (FS) to use financial facilities

-Supporting to obtain national and international standard certificates and confirmations

-Supporting to implement the financial accounting system

-Supporting to benefit from accepted brokers' consultancy services

-Supporting to implement the thesis of Master of education student in order to eliminate the special necessities

-Supporting the students internship in knowledge-based and technological units

-Supporting to implement the research contracts of the member companies in PTP with real persons

-Supporting to sign contracts for buying technology (technical knowledge) from foreign countries and transferring them into the country

-Supporting to participate in foreign technology tours

-Helping to modeling the research findings in order to commercialize them

-Supporting to participate in national and international trade exhibitions

-Services for foreign trade and custom duties

-Services for training, accounting and auditing

-Professional services related to sell and buy bond

-Services for assessment, feasibility and rating the technology and design

-Services for quality management and systematizing the knowledge-based companies

-Legal services related to technology (Office of Dispute Resolution for knowledge-based companies)

-International cooperation and consultancy, export services and participation in national and international exhibitions

-Having opportunity to benefit from holding national and international Technology Tours

-Profiting from the participation in International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX)

Urban and General Facilities available in PTP:

-"Consumer Cooperative Company" in PTP

-"Seraj Conference Hall" with capacity of 120 persons

-"Amphitheatre Hall" with capacity of 280 persons

-Meeting rooms with capacities up to 30 persons

-Treatment (health) Centre services

-Taxi Services

-Soil Mechanics Laboratory

-Governmental Electronics Services Office/Logistic Services Office

-Services for Food Preparation and Cook

-Services for creation and maintenance of green spaces

-Services for computer and network security

-Services for water supply

-Dental Services Centre

-Bank and ATM of National Bank of I.R. of Iran

-Bank and ATM of bank loan of Resalat (RQ Bank)

-ATM of Pasargad Bank


-Mechanized collection and transportation of waste

-Services for transportation

-Dana's Insurance Agency

-Services for performance and maintenance of buildings installation

-Technical and Engineering Office


-Providing Manpower

-Providing building and industrial tools

-Vending machine

-Swimming pool and sauna

-Sport competitions and welfare services (football, volleyball, ping pong, dart, track and field, mountain climbing, etc.)