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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."


The Charter of Pardis Technology Park


Technology, Innovation, Synergism
Dec 2001
In the Name of God


The prosperity of nations in next decades depends on the extent and the manner of their growth. Some existing nations have been able to raise their living standards by continuous progress in different fields of science, technology and culture and also by increasing the capacity of their social structures.
These are nations that have proved their ability to grow in changing the international environment, and by this, they have reached a high degree of social welfare, competitiveness in international markets, and global influence. If we could find the common factors contributing to the growth of these intellectual nations, certainly the most important ones were as follows:
  • National will for effective participation in global leadership,
  • Influence of advanced industries on economic system of society and their efficiency as "growth engines”,
  • "research-oriented” education system, based on "life-long learning”,
  • Social traditions and cultural values encouraging simultaneous competition and cooperation,
  • "High capacity infrastructures” for creation, acquisition, development and diffusion of advanced technologies and their accelerated adoption of "industrial innovations”.
Statistics of late decades show that many of high impact innovations have been created mostly by small and medium enterprises rather than large ones. The former ones are known as the most effective mechanisms for fostering employment opportunities in developing economies.
The experience of industrialized and newly industrialized countries have clearly shown that the aggregation of these firms in one site known as "Technology Park”, not only facilitates their general support, but also helps to create a new entity with capability far more than the simple sum of their individual capabilities. This additional capability is due to the synergism created through the effective exchange of information, cooperation, and usage of common facilities.
Pardis Technology Park is established according to the strategic vision in near future, as an "advanced technology development center”, showing the brilliant effects of cooperation in the process of the industrial leap by Islamic Iran. Pardis Technology Park will be an intellectual family whose members will be known, in the first place, by their family culture. This culture, which represents our "collective identity”, will be shaped by our most fundamental common values as defined in this charter. With the grace of God almighty, we are going to create this splendid culture and we will be committed to it.
Firms to be established in this park, knowing their unique role in accelerating radical innovations, accept this charter of common visions and values, as an agreement, and by signing it they promise to consider it in their individual and cooperative efforts.
Article 1. Foresightedness
Today is urgent and tomorrow is "important”. We will be alerted, as much as we can, about the urgent needs of our Islamic Society and will never neglect them. We believe that Pardis Technology Park should be able to provide the most critical high technologies needed in the brilliant future of our Islamic country. Only through following this principal, it will be possible for us to show our commitment to honor, welfare, and esteem of next generations.
Article 2. Sublimity
High technology needs institutions, management, culture, and also well-progressed people that are continuously searching for sublimity. Recognizing these essential needs, we emphasize that Pardis Technology Park is organized and led in a way that the scientific and technological community of our country perceive it as a "Center of Sublimity”.
Article 3. Innovation
The most advanced technologies and techniques can lead to economic growth, only when they are used to develop innovative products and services according to the market needs. We acquire advanced and appropriate technologies by any means, and transfer them into novel innovation opportunities, in shortest possible time.
Article 4. Entrepreneurship
In our young society that suffers from brain drainage, advanced technology should help industrial entrepreneurship, and develop high quality and challenging employment opportunities for young engineers, scientists, and researchers. We commit ourselves to use all our capabilities and resources in this respect, especially to help in establishment and development of start-ups by supporting the mechanisms of "growth centers”.
Article 5. Penetrating World Markets
Firms in Pardis Technology Park, aim toward the world's boom markets. Not only Success in achieving this goal assures our survival and sustainable growth, but also it will be the most important indicator for evaluation of high technical and industrial capabilities and competencies we need to offer our customers.
Article 6. Cooperation and Convergence
Our success, as firms collaborating in Pardis Technology Park, depends on our cooperation and joint efforts on the basis of the common needs, which have encouraged us to gather to achieve synergy in this park. Our most critical common needs are as follows:
•Creating a strong base for technology transfer,
•Making a strong foundation to implement joint engineering and research projects,
•Forming a collaborative support structure, especially for training, informatics, and marketing.
We consider a special role for the implementation of joint projects in the field of research and technology transfer.
Article 7. An Attractive and Inviting Image
Members of the Pardis Technology Park will try to make the park as a symbol of attractiveness, neatness, and good order suitable for knowledge-oriented activities through appropriate and harmonic civil engineering designs, based on urban and architectural standards, and also collaboration in management and maintenance of the park.
Article 8. Technology Development
Technology is the engine of economic progress in nowadays fast moving world. Keeping in mind, the existing gap of technology between us and the industrialized countries, we are determined to be a pioneer in identifying, absorption, localizing, diffusing and developing technologies, especially the advanced ones, and also to offer our industries, a pattern to enjoy technology development impacts on the economy and social welfare. Our most essential assets in achieving this goal, are knowledge, technology, and specialized and entrepreneur workforce, which are very important for us.
Article 9. Neighborhood and Environmental Issues
We consider the environment as a national asset and preserving it as an essential duty. Pardis Technology Park will comply with environmental regulations, and do its best to preserve the natural environment. We respect our neighbors and we will be concerned about them.
Article 10. Globalization
Cooperation is our future strategy. Science and technology development is bind to "cooperation”. For promoting our capabilities, we are inclined to have a close relation with all technology centers and firms around the world. In this regard, our compatriots living abroad have the special and high place.