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May 12 2020
In line with creating Pardis Innovation District, Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sourena Sattari and Head of Pardis Technology Park Mahdi Saffarnia signed a document for building the 4th phase of Pardis Technology Park.
May 12 2020
Thanks to the outbreak of coronavirus, the 9th round of INOTEX will be held online to fight the pandemic.




Technology Transfer and Exchange Network

Between 8 Developing Countries


The preliminary idea of establishing Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) among D8 member countries was part of National Techmart of Iran network agenda. Since the fourth D8 senior expert meeting in 2008, National Techmart of Iran network pursued the establishment of TTEN for expansion of interaction among the D8 member countries in the fields of S&T. Summary of which is described as follow:


  • Submitting the preliminary plan in the fourth senior experts meeting of D8 Industries Group in Bali, Indonesia(November 2008)
  • Submitting the amended plan at the fifth senior experts meeting of the D8 Industries Group in Tehran (2009)
  • Resubmitting the plan at the sixth senior experts meeting in Istanbul, Turkey (2011)
  • Ratification of the recommended plan at the third conference of the industries ministers and seventh senior experts meeting of the D8 member Countries in Dhaka- Bangladesh (2012)
  • Presentation of report of the progress made regarding the network to the ambassadors of the D8 member countries including the goal, structure, privileges and measures undertaken with regards to TTEN by Pardis Technology Park (June 2013)
  • Holding the first Supreme Council and inauguration of the TTEN in Iran (October 2013)
  • The presence of related companies to D-8 in Jeddah Exhibition to offer their technology
  • Holding the second Supreme Council of the TTEN in Nigeria (December 2014)
  • Holding the third Supreme Council of the TTEN in Malaysia (December 2015)
  • Technology Transfer Workshop for D-8 Member Countries (24-27 April 2016; Tehran, I.R. Iran)

    TTEN is designed with the aim of facilitating and accelerating access to technology information of the D8 member countries for technology exchange and collaboration based on a web portal as an infrastructure of this network. Based on the ratification
    of the third conference of the Ministerial Industries of the D8 member countries and the assigned mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to operate a web portal for this network within a period of 6 months, National Techmart of Iran Network represented by Pardis Technology Park operated the website,, as the virtual secretariat of TTEN.


Definition of TTEN

In fact, TTEN is an exchange and information network among D8 Member Countries which operates similar to techmart and undertakes joint assignment and synergy among D8 member countries through capacity development, data collection of technology achievements and requirements and organizing technology exchange.

Objectives of TTEN

The objectives of TTEN are as follow:


  • Creating a data bank of the member countries or linking them with each other on the internet with the aim of creating opportunity, synergy and capacity development in the area of technology among member countries (technology data banks, technology products, and services, industrial needs)
  • Providing grounds and planning for commercializing research results of the member countries
  • Creating opportunity for bilateral introduction of services and products among the member countries
  • Creating opportunity to attract foreign investment and procure finances in technology areas and its products as well as enhancing commercialization in each country

Features of the TTEN portal

Some of the significant features of TTEN portal are as follow:


  • Technology owners can introduce their technology as a portal user to technology applicants
  • Technology applicants, as portal users, can upload their requirements on the website to be seen by technology owners while searching for available technologies
  • Latest news and info related to technology can be accessed through website
  • Latest achievements of member countries made accessible through special pages allocated for each country