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Mar 30 2020
Two companies affiliated with Pardis Technology Park (PTP) named Hannan Teb Pars and Livogen Pharmed are ready to produce coronavirus test kit.
Oct 12 2019
Initiated by the Bashgahnavard, the center for health and sports began its work at the Pardis Technology Park (PTP) on October 12.


Highway Innovation Factory

Highway Innovation Factory

The Highway Innovation Factory is the second of its kind in Iran and is also the second branch of the Pardis Technology Park. The building of the factory belongs to the vice presidency for science and technology and have the capacity for 500 members. It homes to startups, VCs, VC funds, accelerators, business angels, banks, mentors, freelancers and counseling companies.

There is no limitation for any fields at the factory and each startup with any field of services can be a member of the factory.

Creating synergy, benefiting from experienced mentors, connecting to investors, funds and VCs are some of the supports provided by the factory. The Highway Innovation Factory has café, restaurant, meeting rooms. The 5000 m 2 meter factory is located near Nobonyad square in northeastern Tehran.