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Latest News

May 29 2021
Pardis Technology Park was selected as the best host for Iranian experts and entrepreneurs abroad.
May 24 2021
The 16th meeting of the regional and expert Techmarts was held online and in person in INOTEX 2021.

Innovation Acceleration Center

Innovation Acceleration Center

The Innovation Acceleration Center was established in 2014 with the support of vice presidency for Science and Technology. In order to support entrepreneurship on technology and innovation,

with supporting of entrepreneurship events nationwide, the center aims to develop the culture of entrepreneurship amongst young generation and university students.

The center supports co-working spaces and innovation accelerator in order to introduce startups with business skills and provides good condition for their business.

The center is a connection link between private sector and government in order to provide business space for entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Here are some activities of the center

 Entrepreneurship events

An entrepreneurship event is a short-term gathering, last from some hours to few days, in which the participants learn about the concepts of entrepreneurship. Such events can be a great way for transmitting experiences or creating network on a specific idea. Some of these events focus on a specific problem in industrial field and other concentrates on one field.


Accelerator is a support-based structure in order to develop startups in order to attract investors. The accelerators are mostly from private sector and can be a shareholder of startups and companies that they are supported.

 Pardis summit

Gathering of entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, Pardis summit, is annually held at the PTP. The center holds the event in order to create network and synergy amongst the players of accelerators and entrepreneurship events of the country.

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