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PTP at a glance

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May 29 2021
Pardis Technology Park was selected as the best host for Iranian experts and entrepreneurs abroad.
May 24 2021
The 16th meeting of the regional and expert Techmarts was held online and in person in INOTEX 2021.




Pardis Technology Park (PTP) as the region’s technology paradise and is under auspices of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology. It is located in an area measuring 58 hectares (expandable to 1000 hectares) and is situated 20 km north east of the capital- Tehran.

Innovation Paradise (phase No. 1) and Health Paradise (phase No. 2) and and Entrepreneurship Paradise (phase No. 3) are three main existing phases in the Park and are situated in an area measuring 20 hectares ,18 hectares and 21 hectares, respectively. Other phases constitute the future stages in the expansion plan of the Park which will eventually measure up to 1000 hectares.

PTP is located at Iran’s commercial and academic intersection point. By being situated within the 97 km neighborhood Imam Khomeini Int’l Airport (IKIA), it is located alongside the main north-south and east-west passages to Europe, central Asia, ECO countries, Persian Gulf, and CIS countries.

As the most important and proximate technology Park to Iranian academic, political and economic centers, PTP is placed alongside the north-south fiber optics network and close to internationally reputable research and academic institutions. PTP can therefore contrive the proper grounds for growth of hi-tech companies through provision of high-end provinces, competitive strengthening, technology incubators, spin-off processes, as well as productive and expert labor.

PTP is considered as the most pioneering technology park in I.R.I which is distinguished by many reputed foreign and domestic organizations. PTP is being directed by a board of trusties which has 14 members. Head of the board is I.R.IRAN vice-president and includes legal members from ministries, science centers and academics.

In comparison with other parks and research hubs in the region, PTP enjoys more comparative and legal advantages and better potentials to become a major center for economic, research and scientific activities. It also possesses the requirements for linking to actual and potential global markets and expansion through Iran’s International Markets. As far as a wide group of advantages and privileges are concerned, PTP has provided opportunities to absorb new know-how and proper investment and its location at the heart of reputable scientific, research and academic centers (and also neighborhood to four industrial zones which possess especial privileges for industrial production) with reasonable and abundant sources of expert labor, it provides a proper environment for SMEs, R&D units of industrial companies and research institutions to locate and professionally appear in the region.