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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."

Investment Manual

A Guide to Investment in Pardis Technology Park

The Legal Benefits of Investment:

With regard to the mission assigned by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the science and technology parks as well as attracting foreign investment in the country, according to the executive by-law of Article 47 of the Law of the Fourth Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act in Iran, the legal benefits of investment in the Park are as follows:

  • ·To sell and rent lots and prepared buildings for D&R activities and commercialization of the research and services results
  • ·The possibility for the national and international investors to take part in the investment plans with any feasible proportion and to guarantee the transfer of the original capital and the interest thereof abroad by the Government of the I.R.IRAN,
  • ·To provide the foreign investors with exactly the same rights and privileges offered to the local ones
  • ·The possibility for the foreign investors to invest in different types of cash and non-cash investment programs such as machinery, equipment, parts, raw materials, technical knowledge and specialized services
  • ·The right to receive damages caused by forfeiture of ownership and nationalization of foreign capitals or the capitals with foreign origin
  • ·The possibility for the Iranian and International investors to be granted the legal right of ownership for the lots and buildings
  • ·The possibility for the national and international, natural and corporate entities to make their investments whether directly or in any other form of contractual arrangements such as "Civil Partnership”, "Buy Back”, and also many other methods such as BOT, BOO, BOOT and BLT at all the research, services and technology sections of the Park
  • ·The possibility for the national and international, natural and corporate entities to make their investments with capitals with foreign origin, or the governmental companies or the international institutions and organizations,
  • ·To accept the investments of the Iranians abroad as foreign investment
  • ·The possibility for the commercial practitioners that supplement the research, technological and service activities to enjoy the legal benefits of foreign investment
  • ·The possibility for the foreign companies to establish branches or agencies in order to develop the research, technological and commercial affairs and to carry out the contract and marketing related etc
  • ·The possibility to take advantage of the international specialists in all the affairs being in connection with research and investment
  • ·The possibility to refer the disputes arisen in connection with the investment affairs to the international arbitration courts, under the coverage of collateral and multilateral letters of agreement
  • ·The possibility to enjoy one hundred percent tax exemption for the income earned through the exports of the produced research-based products and with the feasibility to transfer the foreign exchange earned through exports abroad,
  • ·Income-tax exemption for the international companies and agencies who are solely active in the marketing and information practices of their parent companies abroad
  • ·No necessity for observing the pricing, distribution, non-construction or construction necessities’ rules and regulations of Iran for the national or international investors
  • ·The possibility to enjoy the right to sell the technical knowledge as well as the technical, engineering and technological services, licenses or royalties, and the possibility to register patents, brands and trademarks for the national or international investors,
  • ·The possibility for the foreign investors to enjoy ownership rights (including the rights applied as a result of starting to own properties or assets, or the rights accrued to the owner as a result of entering into contracts, which bring about ownership, operation or profit etc. for the owner,
  • ·The possibility to use brands and trademarks in all the authorized areas
  • ·The right of repeated entry and residence for the foreign shareholders, managers and experts together with their 1st grade relatives for 3 years, being able to extend the mentioned period regularly as well
  • ·The right to transfer the funds acquired as a result of closing different investment contracts, and to transfer technology and the quick and unrestrained transfer of foreign exchange from abroad into the Park vice versa through a reliable banking network,
  • ·Exemption from property and income tax for the earnings acquired through research, technological and engineering activities and services for 15 years (also including personnel salary tax exemption, contract-tax and performance tax exemptions)
  • ·One hundred percent exemption from paying the routine charges (including construction charges as well as utility consumption charges etc.)
  • ·Special custom facilities for the free entry and exit of goods, machinery, raw materials and research equipment in the shortest time possible (enjoying the customs organization’s exclusive warehouse in the Park for the quicker clearance process of the goods),
  • ·Enjoying straightforward regulations (at the international standard level) for the employment of manpower as well as easy rules and regulations for technology centers like the free commercial-industrial zones
  • ·To guarantee the non-forfeiture of ownership and compensation of the damages incurred as a result of nationalization event (if happened) by the Government or the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
  • ·The possibility to legally transfer all the funds abroad including the funds acquired as a result of the function of foreign capital or other funds whose transfer shall take place in the form of foreign exchange such as                                  A)Capital transfers including dividends or capital gains, transfer of the original capital, capital earnings, transfer of the funds related to compensating the damages caused by ownership forfeiture or confiscation of foreign capitals,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       B)Any other foreign exchange transfer including the foreign exchange transfer of the patent contracts, technical knowledge, technical and engineering assistance, titles, trademarks and the similar contracts,

 The Relative Features of Investment and Research Activities:

  • ·Proximity to the scientific, research, academic, political, economic and commercial centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle-East,
  • ·The Presence of more than 60 percent of the scientific, research and academic centers as well as the significant industries of the country within a 300-km distance from the park in major scientific and industrial cities of Iran such as Tehran, Isfahan, Semnan and Arak,
  • ·Proximity to the national and international airports as well as the national railways, subway and easy access to Europe-Asia important communication road,
  • ·Access to a large number of inexpensive expert and efficient manpower,
  • ·Bearing a strong economic, research and academic link with the more than 1-billion population of the countries membered in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation as well as the 300-million population of the countries membered in the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO),
  • ·Bearing a suitable cultural environment for the professional establishment and presence of the small and medium-sized enterprises, research and development centers, industries and research institutes,
  • ·Existence of suitable welfare and recreational facilities, and the possibility for the companies’ experts and personnel to reside in the vicinity of their workplace in the New City of Pardis as well as Damavand,
  • ·Proximity to the recreational centers such as Alborz & Damavand Mountains, Dizin and Dareh Behesht Ski Resorts,
  • ·The settlement of companies in a state-of-the-art environment (at the international standard level) and also being situated in a research and technology complex, being able to get use of the privileges of proximity to other technology departments,
  • ·The possibility of the research companies to enjoy the specialized areas designed and constructed as per the requirements,
  • ·The possibility to establish a suitable international communication through the Park’s management,
  • ·Favorable geographic and climatic conditions and being distantly away from noise and urban environmental pollutions,
  • ·Bearing strong urban, communicational and informational infrastructures and connection to the country’s optical fiber network (South and North),
  • ·The possibility to follow up on the investors’ affairs before the relevant governmental authorities and taking the appropriate supportive measures,
  • ·To follow up on the required measures for granting Ria and foreign exchange loans and facilities through the banking system and the national development fund as well as the lines of credit of the national and international institutions,
  • ·Legal partnership with the investors (in the special cases) in order to investments possible,
  • ·To conduct technical and economic feasibility studies for the elect plans using the technical power of the engineering companies as well as the national and international research centers and to introduce the economic plans to the potential applicants,
  • ·To offer specialized educations through the educational centers located/or in collaboration with the Park,
  • ·The possibility to interact and cooperate with the scientific centers and universities such as Sharif University of Technology and Tehran University of Medical Sciences,