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Other Domestic Organizations

1- Hi-tech Development Fund

The Hi-Tech Development Fund is one of the non-governmental funds for research and technology, which aims to provide common grounds for cooperation and investment of non-government section, which was established in 2007. The fund aims to support practical research activities for development of technology by the young entrepreneurs.

The shareholders of the fund include:

-Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

-Pardis Technology Park

- Iran Technology and Entrepreneurship Company

- Elites technology development institute

- Iranian technology and science development institute





·Venture capitals

·civil partnership

·leasing of knowledge-based products

·issuing letter of guarantee

·installment sales

·profit and loss sharing

·guarantee knowledge-based plans

·interest-free loans



Contant information:

Managing director: Rouhollah Miramini

Address: No.82,Seraj building, Noavarai 8 st, Pardis Technology Park, Tehran-Damavand orad

Telephone:+9821 76251125

Fax:+9821 76251125



2- Iranian NGO for Supporting Science and Technology Development

The NGO is a non-profit, non-politic, non-governmental organization and all Iranian scientists and researchers can benefit from its supports and facilities according to its charter. The NGO is the first charity organization, which is established by the Iranians abroad in order to develop science and technology achievements in their countries

Contact information:

Address: Seraj building, Pardis technology park, Tehran-Damavand road

Telephone: +9821 76250043

Fax:+9821 76250044


3- Middle East Technology Assessment (META)


The Middle East Technology Assessment company was established in 2007 in order to meet the needs of assessment and feasibility of plans and projects in different fields of new technologies and knowledge-based activities. Sponsored by the Pardis Technology Park (PTP), META assesses knowledge-based plans in different aspects of management, industry, technology, market and financial issues with the help of experts and up to date assessment models.


  • Providing feasibility report
  • Assessment and rating of knowledge-based plans for commercialization
  • Valuation of technical knowledge and technology

  • Consultation on financing



Contact information:

Managing director: Amir Aldaghi

Address: Danesh 1 st., off Pardis Danesh Ave, Pardis Technology Park

Telephone: +9821 76250030-32

Fax: +9821 76250029