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Pardis Summit

? What is Pardis Summit

There are many roles in entrepreneurial ecosystem including event organizers, facilitators, coaches, mentors and accelerator managers and staff who are helping to develop entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Pardis Summit is an annual 2day gathering which brings together Event organizers, startup accelerator Managers and innovation Leaders in the region to synergize and enhance the startup ecosystem.

? What will happen in pardis summit 2020

  • Networking

Unlike previous years, in Pardis summit 2020, we are merging startup accelerator managers community and event organizers community together and this will be a great opportunity to network throughout the community.


  • Entertainment

We are trying to use managerial and group games, fire camps and music to create a happy environment and a memorable experience.



  • Education

There will be numerous speeches, debate panels and talks to share the knowledge and experience of our speakers and to enhance the startup community.



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Also you can see selected pictures of Pardis Summit 2019 in our gallery tab of our website.

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