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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."

Regional Attractions

Natural scenery in the region

  • Lakes and ponds
  • Mountains and caves
  • Historical remnants
  • Amusement parks
  • Pilgrimage centers

Tourist attracting routes

Damavand route

  • Cobra cave near Nour in Damavand
  • Rivers: Damavand, Siahrud, Delijay, Tar
  • Ponds: Ghalehdokhtar in Haraz are
  • Abe Ali, Ala Pond , water ponds
  • Alborz: Tizabvazan
  • Lakes: Tar and Havir
  • Villages: Abe Ali, Ala pond, Dashtemazar, ImamzadehHashem Holy shrine, Ahmadabad, Jaban, sarbandan

Sports areas:

Ski, Kite flying, parachuting, and hunting

Historical sightseeing: Jameh Mosque, Damavand Shabli tower, Aslan hill, Bumehan mountain side, Caravan saraie

Tar Lake
Tar Lake
Tar Lake

Havir Lake
Abali ski site
Damavand river

  Jajrud –Khajir route

River: Jajrud

Water fall: Kamard village

Natural scenery: wildlife area, Jajrud wildlife protected area,

Khajir Park, SorkhehHesar,

Villages and rural areas: Jajrud, Targian, Sanjarian, Saeed Abad, Jajrudriver, national Sorkhehesar and khjir park

Historical relics: GhalehDokhtar in Saeedabad village


Jajrud wildlife protected area SorkhehHesar National Park

Khojir National Park Khojir National Park Kamard waterfall 

Fasham –Meygun route

Caves: Helmun Cave near Meygun, Keyghobad in Ecul village, ChahZanjir cave near Meygun

Natural scenery: KhatunBargah Mountain, diversity of flora in Lalan,

Villages and recreation areas

Aharshekar aba area, Mohammad bagher , rudak, Shemshak, Meygun and DarbandSar,

Historical relics: Nahid fire temple, Anisuldduleh palace form Qajar era in Oshan,

Helmun Cave Helmun Cave Lalan

Talkh Fount in Lalan

Firuzkuh route

Caves: Rudafshan cave near rudafshan village, Little and large Boring cave, Inhun,palang cave, rostamdozd…

Rivers: HilehRud, Nemrud, Delijay, Savashi

Springs: Khomdeh

Natural scenery: Tangehvashi near Jilizjand village, Kataln wild life, Arjmand, Salehyen wildlife,

Villages: Khmdeh, RudAfshan, MashadHerandeh, Nemrud and Gursefid Rivers,


Vashi plain
Vashi valley
Vashi valley

Khamdeh mineral water river
Rudafshan cave

Lar –Heraz Route

Caves: yellow flower Li and Ask bird cave

Rivers: Heraz, Lar, lasm and Imam Behnak

Lakes: Lar and Lasm

Ponds: Larijan hot spa

Water fall Lar near Vana village

Villages: Rineh, Ask, Gazanak, Lasm and Vana

Pilgrimage places: Imam Behnak and Five People in Lar village

Historical areas: Shah Abbas Caravansarai and Bastak upper road, Adar khaneh harbor, Goli Ice house in Ask

Heraz river
Heraz river Lar river


Lar waterfall
Rineh village Yellow Flower Cave

Lavasan route

Caves: Khamireh Cave or Lar Prison house in Jahan village

Rivers: Jajrud, Afjeh,Lavasan

Springs: GhalamTaher, Rudyar water, Latian Dam and waterfall

Natural scenery: Rizan Mountain, Atash Mountain and natural Ice hill near Afjeh village near Atashkuh

Villages: Afjeh, Ebtaj, Jahan, HizumDareh, Kolak Fortress, Forest, Tello, Latian Dam Narun,Jajrud river,

Pilgrimage locations: Soltan, Khajeh Ahmad, Mousa Mir Salim

Historical areas: Imam Hassan Askari Mosque, Zahak daughter’s Fortress in Sarag hill, zahak Palace on ShurKab Hill, Zoroastrian cemetery, KalehGhandi hill, Hesarak hill, on southern part of Galandouk area

Barg Jahan River Jajrud river
Latian Dam river

Atash Mount
Afjeh village
Rizan Mount

Lakes, Ponds and Waterfalls

Latian lake

This lake is situated 25 km of North East Tehran. In addition to natural beauty of the area is a very appropriate place for fish farming.

Location: West of the park Damavand Rd, en route to Latian Lake

Lar Dam Lake

This Lake is situated 84 km away from Tehran. Since it is close to Damavand Mountain it has a beautiful landscape and fine cool weather. Some of the sports possible there are swimming and water skiing on the lake.

Ala Pond

This pond is situated 4 km from Damavand city and has water rich in Bicarbonate Calcic. The water is light, cold and drinkable.

Location: East of the Park Damavand city

Alborz mineral spring- Aba Ali

This spring is situated 60 km away from North East Tehran in Ab Ali village beside Tehran Amol Roadway near Mubarak Abad River gushing from the ground. The water of this spring is bicarbonate and calcic sulphate with acidic PH and is comprised of magnesium and iron and is gaseous and microbe free. It has treatment effects for digestive organs, liver and pancreas. Moreover, since it is rich in iron, it is highly beneficial for anemia. It also balances cholesterol and uric acid. The CO2 in the water helps improve digestion and digestive system.

Ask Mineral spring-Amol

There are eleven springs situated 96 km away from East Tehran on the southern mountains skirts of Damavand Peak embedded on the Heraz Valley on both river bank of Heraz. The spring has treatment effects because it is composed of Bicarbonate chlorine and sulfur hydrogen and sulfur. The sulfur water of Ask Spring is useful for treatment of respiratory system, cutaneous and joint diseases.

Dokhtar Fortress Spring

This spring is situated 2 km away from North West of Tehran –Amol Roadway in the Dokhtar Bridge area located between ImamzadehHashem and Bolour, 50 km from Tehran. The Name of this spring is similar to the name of the fortress with this same name. The water is composed of Bicarbonate calcic, it is cold and has a PH neutral. These types of mineral waters are very good for treatment of digestive system, liver and pancreas. They are also highly beneficial for joint diseases, gout, high uric acid and uric stones and because of low sulfate and chlorine are very good for babies.

Hermes spring Ask area

The Mineral spring of Hermes is situated 95 Km away from Tehran beside Heraz river. It has treatment effects like other similar springs.

Hot Larijan Spring

It is part of the scenic areas of Larijan with attractive natural landscape. The mineral water is pumped into 300 private baths and 2 public Turkish baths. Many people in need of treatment for rheumatism, respiratory and neural diseases come to this area for treatment. It is located ten km away from Larijan hot water spring. Small baths have been built here for people to benefit from its water. Rooms are also available for visitors.

Damavand Mountain

The Damavand Mountain is situated 75 Km away from North East Tehran and is the highest mountain in the Alborz mountain chain having an altitude of 5636 meters above sea level and 5671 meters above open sea levels. It is predicted that the Damavand volcano was extinguished more than a thousand years ago. The remains of this prehistoric volcano are merely sulfate stones, pure sulfur and a pool with a diameter of 100 meters and a depth of 30 meters on the peak of the mountain which is covered by ice. The temperature at the peak is usually 4 degree ºc in the middle of summer. Within the altitude of 2000 to 3500 m above sea level, its surrounding is covered with wild flowers and copses.

 Among other scenic areas on the mountain skirts is Malek cave, 3 km away from Bolour and on the way towards the mountain peak and yellow flower cave situated 1 km away from Bolour area on the route to the mountain peak.

Of other scenic areas is Larijan area which has highly attractive natural scenery with nice rural areas and hot spring. The hot water of this area is pumped into 300 private baths and 2 public baths many people come here for treatment of diseases such as cutaneous, rheumatism,respiratory and neural problems.

 Of other attractive areas is DashteDur with cold winters of up to 8 m. snow fall breaking record of coldest winters in this area and in summer it has a fine, cool weather.

Most common routes for Damavand Mountain

Southern route; Herazroad ,Rineh village

Western route: Heraz road, Bolour, Lar Dam road, Vararu plain,

Northern route: Heraz route, Larijan hot water spring, Del village

North Eastern route: Heraz route, Bolour Hot water, LarijanGaz village

Location: east Park Damavand town

RudAfshan cave

This cave is situated in RudAfshan village in the Damavand town ship and in Central Alborz Mountains. The cave is on the way of the mountain route. Inside the cave is covered with Lime stone in the form of icicles hanging from the ceiling. There are also holes in the cave which are filled with limpid water gushing out from the rocks. The cave is big enough to pass through.

Golezard (yellow flower) cave

This cave is situated on the Lar plain. Each year it has many visitors who wish to climb the Damavand Mountain. Inside the cave is covered with Carbonate Calcium lighting up inside the cave giving a beautiful impression on the visitors.

There are several cold ponds inside the cave and the cave has a deep steep but easy to walk.

Historical monuments

Golkhandan Fortress ( Golkhandan village)

TangehBashi( FiruzKuh)

Recreation Center

  • Ab Ali Ski resort
  • Ab Ali Hotel
  • Ab Ali factory

 Pilgrimage centers

  • Imam ZadehHashem
  • Imam ZadehSoltanMehr
  • Imam Zadeh Abdullah