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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."



Tehran Innovation Network (TINET) 

TINET is a smart pioneer network in Iran’s innovation and technology ecosystem which, aims to increase the share of knowledge-based economy.

In line with the order of the vice president for science and technology [Sourena Sattari] to empower tech knowledge-based companies as well as innovator teams and entrepreneurs and commercialization of knowledge and technology and creating network between active members of innovation ecosystem, TINET was established in order to boost knowledge-based economy with presence of technology and knowledge-based firms. The network aims to provide infrastructure for providing business services, online market for insurance and health, techno market and human resources.

TINET provides facilities and supports and commercialization services with support of tech companies, knowledge-based firms and innovators. Hence, it paves the way for development of technology and innovation ecosystem as well as knowledge for idea to market chain. The network also connects all members in order to interact and create synergy especially in private sector in order to empower innovation and technology ecosystem.

  • Idea of formation of TINET

The existence of over 3000 knowledge-based firms, research and industrial centers, incubators, universities, research centers, funds and accelerators urge the need for establishment of a network like TNET. Hence, in order to create synergy between different parts of innovation ecosystem and benefit from the power of private sector, the idea of formation of a network was initiated using the similar experiences in other countries.

  • Long-term and short term aims of TINET

Creating synergy and improve the share of knowledge-based ecosystem in nationwide economy is the gist of long-term aims of TINET. One can name facilitation of creating synergy through making connection and interaction as the short-term aim of the network. The connection is categorized in three stages; government with private sector, companies and individuals, companies and market. The connections lead to the long-term aims of the network.

Integration for having access to information, responsibility to demands, vast services and development in all interaction are done in order to boost innovation and technology ecosystem networking.

  • Addressees

As its name suggested, a network is a collection of services provided for different parts and active members who have a role in innovation ecosystem, whether it provides services or use services, have an idea or who want to buy the idea. All people who are interested in innovation ecosystem can be a member of the TINET.

  • TINET’s benefits for members

When it talks about the network, the first issue is the chain-like interaction and connection in the network. In fact, the development of connection between the members of the network is very important for the members. The integration of accessibility to services and other elements of network is another important priority, which leads to transparency and competitiveness. When the members known each other, they provide better services with more quality and in more reasonable price. Such characteristics pave the way for startups in order to develop more quickly.

It is noteworthy that TINET provides facilities for membership of startups and emerging companies and they can benefit from the facilities with a simple procedure.

  • Relationship between network members

TINET is not only a virtual network but a combination of virtual and real spaces. That means that the relationship and interaction in the network is a combination of virtual and real network. The main reason for such a relationship is supply and demand. The common fields in activities, researches, interests and demands lead to connection between members. The common aims are also another reason for interaction between the members. The common aim can be a shared knowledge or technology, which can established a relationship between two or more members.

  •  TINET achievements

A network with more than 5000 members in person and 600 companies active in the field of innovation and technology, paves the way for new services for boosting interaction between members. The network provides identity of the members with one-time registration. Insurance services for startups are another facility provides by TINET. The members can use supplementary insurances services. The network also provides facilities for military services for elites to replace research projects for soldiering. Laboratories and research centers are provided by TINET for members to use.

  • TINET and similar organization

Technology parks and vice presidency for science and technology as well as some companies at the private sectors has some organizations in order to provide facilities for their members. However TINET aims to integrates all organizations and provides services and facilities for all.

  • Future of TINET

TINET aims to form innovation ecosystem to empower national technologies, motivate innovation and entrepreneurship, support top talents, and create synergy in order to boost knowledge-based economy in the country. It aims to gather all technology and innovation members together and support all members and parts of innovation ecosystem in order to actualize borderless innovation in future.