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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."

Technology Services

Professional Technology Services Center

Technology Services Center was established in 2007 at Pardis Technology Park with the aim of offering professional services to knowledge-based companies and owners of technology projects.

This Center has been set up with an understanding towards the needs of the knowledge-based companies related to technology development which are offered by agent member companies (mostly private). In fact one of the advantages of membership of technology based companies in PTP is to have easy, reasonable and highly-qualified access to public and professional services. During the past years, in case of any requirement to a special service, an agent company has been determining by the Center to provide the service and has offered services to the clients. With different agents at the Center, a variety of services is accessible.

The Center is run by the Administration Council comprised of several senior managers approving membership of agents through the council’s decisions. Supervision over the agents is conducted through the Council to ensure adequate services. These services are not only open to the member companies and all knowledge-based companies but also all researchers, innovators and technologist can benefit from these services.

The Executive Arm for Commercialization

In addition, the Center acts as an executive arm for different organizations at national level for commercialization of knowledge-based projects in various technology fields. The professional team of the Center provides a project for commercialization based on the needs after holding several expert group meetings, finding them special ways to overcome their needs (e.g. financial, consultation, training, manpower, legal resources…). Then by providing services it helps the owners of the project to reach commercialization stage. On this trend the commercialization experts help the owners of the projects.

So far more than 500 services have been offered to companies.

Services Offered by the Center

1- Financial services and investment

1-1 Leasing knowledge based products for developing market for the knowledge based companies

1-2 Venture Capital in research and technology in related projects in order to establish special knowledge-based companies

1-3 civil participation in knowledge–based projects

1-4 Issue fund warranty for knowledge-based companies to offer to the employer

1-5 Guarantee purchase of technology product (pre-purchasing) in order to generate capital for project and creation of knowledge-based products

1-6 Low interest loans to support national and special projects

1-7 Payment in installment for purchasing products with the aim of generating capital and providing basic materials and commodities needed by the companies

1-8 Products Guarantee assurance by guaranteeing quality and technology of products and damage compensation through collaboration with insurance companies

1-9 Guarantee repayment of installments of received facilities for financial institutions and executive organs in order to ensure commitments made by companies

1-10 Support knowledge-based projects and introduce them to executive bodies to benefit from 0.5% research funding allocated for such projects

2- Evaluation, feasibility and assessment of technology and projects

2-1 Prepare feasibility study report

2-2 Prepare Business Plan

2-3 Commercialization Technology Ranking

2-4 Technology Valuation

2-5 Technology financing consultation

3- Technology observing services

3-1 Management of technology projects

3-2 Holding technology tours

3-3 Holding professional meetings

3-4 Monitoring research and investigation projects

4- Quality management and systemizing services for knowledge- based companies

4-1 Professional training courses in management and international standards

4-2 Offer guidelines for implementing international and management standards

4-3 Offer auditing third person services and issuance of international standard certificates

5- Services for Designing, Sampling and reverse engineering projects

5-1 Implementation of industrial projects from design to final stage

5-2 Automation with advanced CNC devices

5-3 Make forged frames and forged operation

5-4 Heat operation in the neutral gas environment kilns

5-5 Collaboration on achieving state of the art documentation for producing a new spare part

5-6 Design and produce laboratory testers

5-7 Design and manufacture all types of jigging machine, fixture and gauge control

6- Legal technology related services

6-1- Legal consultation services for management of Intellectual property and technology transfer laws

6-2- Licensing contracts for companies and patent owner organizations

6-3- Technology targeting through patent analysis method as requested

6-4- Holding general and professional training courses to become familiar with intellectual property, invention investigation and patent analysis

6- 5- Recording Patent and trade mark for inside and outside the country

7- Laboratory services

7-1 Conduct lab services for nanotechnology fields

7-2 Laboratory for mineralogy

7-3 Chemical analysis

7-4 Chemical analysis through XRF method

7-5 X-ray microprobe

7-6 Detect Crystal structure through XRD method

8- Foreign trades services and customs

8-1 Identify resources for commodity provision in foreign markets

8-2 Sign contracts for international purchases and coordination with the third person

8-3 Coordination for transportation and inspection of commodities

8-4 Clearance from executive customs and client representation in interaction with Iran’s customs duties

8-5 Door to door services for import and export of items

8-6 Follow up the rights of the employer in case of damage of the commodity during transportation through insurance companies

9- Medical equipment and pharmaceutical research

9-1 Examination and clinical study for researchers, pharmaceutical companies and companies wishing to register imported drugs

10- Training services

10-1 Providing training needs of companies

10-2 Providing trainers and defining topics

10-3 Programming and holding general and special training courses for knowledge based companies

11- Accounting services

11-1 Accounting services (all types)

11-2 Legal inspection services

11-3 Offer consultation services for implementation of financial and industrial systems

11-4 Offer services which are acceptable by courts and judiciary within the framework of official accountants

11-5 Preparation of companies to join the stock markets and related services

11-6 Offer consultation service for running companies

12- Insurance and tax related services

Offer consultation to company directors and spin off companies in the areas of tax, accounting and insurance

13- Strategic management

Analysis, planning and strategic management for knowledge-based companies and spin-offs