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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."


Installation Tunnel 

As one of the first civil works constructed in Pardis Technology Park, the installation tunnel is one of the most special installation tunnels of the country covering all utility networks including water, electricity, telephone gas, sewage canal and the internet lines with a length of 3000 meters. It has wide coverage as well as advanced network control systems in the form of automatic control which helps to reduce energy costs and technical security and has high BMS systems, known to be the first man size installation tunnel of the country.


In order to supply electricity for the PTP, there are four major and 13 minor posts installed and operated since 2004. Also there are 4000 m high voltage cable and 4000 m low voltage cable installed and under operation for electricity network. The electricity capacity at the moment is over 7 megawatts.

Water and sewage canal

In order to supply water for PTP, water supply network was installed during 2004 to 2005 with 2600 m length through installation tunnel and has been connected to urban water network since 2010. Sewage network containing 3000 meters pipelines was installed in the tunnel.

It is worthy to mention that there is a separate network for watering the garden areas and for fire extinguishing in the public areas of the PTP.


In order to provide gas for the PTP, the gas pipelines have been extended since 2009. The network is comprised of 4000 m pipelines and 30 gas poles. This project is equipped with safety system and decreasing gas pressures with maximum capacity of 10000 cubic meters per hour.