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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."

Training, Apprenticeship Courses

Training Services

Intricate competition, drastic and fast changes in the surrounding phenomena named as "the Age of Communications, The virtual Era…” have made the senior staff to be equipped with the latest facilities and capabilities in order to overcome challenges and difficulties facing their organizations.

These capabilities help them to decide better and draw out a broader but more realistic future for their organization they are working in.

In this regard the Professional Technology Services Center has worked with training institutes to convene specialized training courses in various areas. This center helps to overcome problems by identifying needs of the knowledge-based companies by holding effective training courses based on a timetable.

Some of these training courses that were held in the previous years are:

  • International workshop on Empowerment of Knowledge-based SMEs (small and medium enterprises) Located in the Park and Incubators
  • Training course on EFQM Model
  • Seminar on Getting Acquainted with Basics of International Protocol
  • Analysis on Models for Technology Transfer to Malaysia
  • Seminar on Innovation Management in SMEs (small and medium enterprises)
  • Seminar on Positive Management
  • Training workshop on Technology Management
  • Training workshop on TRIZ
  • Joint seminar between Iran customs’ office, Iran insurance company and Banks
  • Getting acquainted with IP concepts
  • Seminar on International Collaboration Opportunities with India, Russia and Ukraine
  • Training course on Patent Pricing
  • Seminar on Major Factors for Successful Transfer of Technology
  • Training-functional meeting on Funding and Investment
  • Seminar on Iran’s Technology Ideals within 20-year vision plan
  • Training course on getting familiar with Trade Laws
  • Training course on getting familiar with Tax and Insurance laws
  • Training course on getting familiar with Tender Laws
  • Training course on Labor Code, Insurance and Social Security Services
  • Training course on how to completeTax Statements
  • Training course on Administrative Correspondence
  • Training course on Transition from Technology Commercialization to Innovation Commercialization
  • Training course on Tax Consultancy
  • Training course on Technology Rating
  • Workshop on Management and Commercialization of Technology Parks
  • Workshop on Technology Transfer for D-8 Member Countries
  • Regional Workshop on Nurturing SME’s in Science and Technology Parks and Technology Business Incubators
  • International Training Workshop on "Commercialization of Technology”


Apprenticeship courses

In order to draw a bridge between the university and industry, Pardis Technology Park has outlined the strategy for university and industry collaboration and has implemented many programs for this purpose; one of them is drawing out regulations for vocational training courses in the knowledge-based companies located in the Park.

Vocational training is training courses that students can take for fields that they are qualified in to join the knowledge based companies in the Park. Hence, they can overcome their basic needs of the society by enabling their abilities related to the field of their study and bring bilateral impact in both theory and practice.


Objectives of the apprenticeship courses

  • Create an opportunity for both universities and knowledge -based companies to share their potentials and abilities and overcome their bilateral requirements
  • Create an opportunity for knowledge based companies to benefit from skilled manpower with lower costs and an opportunity to increase innovation and creativity in these companies
  • Create an opportunity for students to become familiar with the practical aspect of their knowledge and field of study and promote their ability and to pave the way for increasing innovation and job opportunities related to their field of study
  • Provide the grounds for identifying, absorbing and employment of university graduatesand specialists in the knowledge- based companies
  • Create an opportunity for knowledge- based companies to train special manpower for their companies

    The eligible individuals for such vocational training should have:

  • Already passed their sixth term in the Bachelor’s degree related to technology fields as required by the technology company

Note: Based on the regulations, qualified individuals will be categorized in three levels and supported by these three categories:

  • Level one: Students who are members of the National Elite Foundation, winners of National and International Scientific Olympiads and top ranks of national festivals ( Kharazmi and Farabi)
  • Level two: Students from mother universities( Isfahan industry, Amir Kabir university, Sharif university, Moddaress university, Tehran, Beheshti ,Shiraz, and Science-Industry university)
  • Level three: Students from other universities with preference to those universities that have signed an MoU with the Park.