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Sep 21 2021
The first steering council meeting of TIM 2022 was held on Sep20 2021.
Aug 02 2021
According to Mustafa Prize official website, "The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) calls for young scholars, university students and instructors, and innovators under 45 years of age to submit their scientific works to the second round of Knowledge Application and Notion for Society (KANS) Scientific Competition."

Types of membership




Applicant companies that have passed evaluation process and achieved necessary conditions for becoming a member in PTP can be defined in one of the following categories to continue their activities in the field of S&T:


It's the membership in PTP incubator center for graduates and entrepreneurs that have low experience and capital for economic activities and need the support of government.

Multi-Tenant Building (MTB)

Membership in Multi Tenant Building (MTB) for entrepreneur companies that have begun economic activity but the amount of activity and financial power just enable them to rent a room without the help of government.


Land purchasing for technological companies that have long economic activity experience in the field of high technologies and own well laboratories, workshops and experts and can properly develop job opportunities and pertained activities. Membership in this category is divided in two types:

1.Land Assignment

In this type, a piece of land will be assigned to qualified knowledge-base companies to construct a building for their establishment

The companies which are well-experienced in Hi-Tech economic activity and have their own laboratories, professional workshops and specialized personnel that can make good development and occupation will be qualified.

The assigned area can be 500meter in minimum and 5000meter in maximum.

2.Independent Apartment Assignment

Considering the necessity of some applicants for some prepared units which are ready for selling, with the partnership of private section, some apartments have been constructed and are assignable.

Those knowledge-based companies which not only have technical and technological abilities and suitable specialized personnel, but also have the financial ability to buy an independent apartment, will be qualified.

The assigned area can be 180 & 200 meters.