12 Performers of Innovation and Technology Ecosystem under the ceiling of INOTEX 2019

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"The slogan of this year’s exhibition is ‘Innovation and Technology Exhibition, under one Ceiling’ which is supposed to be realized with the presence of the performers of this ecosystem.”

In the press conference of this exhibition which was held with the presence of Mehdi Safarinia, the Head of Pardis Technology Park, Ali Morteza Birang, Vice-President for the International Affairs and Head of the Center for Science & Technology International Interactions of the Vice-Presidency for Science & Technology as well as reporters from the media at Azadi Innovation Factory, Mr. Akbar Ghanbarpour, the Secretary of INOTEX 2019, referred to the slogan of this year’s exhibition and said, "We have considered a variety of programs for the 12 performers of the Innovation and Technology Ecosystem and we expect to see more than 400 booths in a place with an area of 10,000 m2”, Pardis Technology Park Public Relations Dept. reported.

He added, "In this year’s exhibition we are going to have technology companies, startups, accelerators, incubators, mentors and consultants, inventors, technology parks, bold funds and investors, presenter of joint-work areas, presenters of commercializing services, holders of entrepreneurship events as well as technology brokers in hall numbers 40 and 44 of Tehran International Exhibition Center.”

"Like the previous years, we have planned to devise counter standups to be allocated to startups, event holders, inventors and brokers and bigger areas will be allocated to technology companies, science & technology parks, accelerators and investors”, Mr. Ghanbarpour added in the press conference of INOTEX 2019.

Having referred to holding more than 30 side events in the current year’s exhibition, Mr. Ghanbarpour noted that, "We have devised several places for holding B2B meetings as well as many separate areas called "Capital Cafes” for the negotiations between the investors and startups, and we expect some 8,000 people to visit our exhibition.”

The Secretary of INOTEX 2019 called this exhibition as totally different from any other commercial exhibition held inside the country and said, "This event is not aimed for business; however, all the participating companies and startups are the main performers of the country’s innovation and technology ecosystem and they produce and develop innovation and technology.”

He noted that, "This event is going to be held with the collaboration of the performers of the state innovation ecosystem and Pardis Technology Park is only responsible for establishing a platform for the event.”

In the end, Mr. Ghanbarpour enumerated the objectives of INOTEX 2019 and said, "The primary goal of this event is to bring face to face the owners of capitals and the investment streams together, for which from next week we will hold INOTEX Pitches in Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Yazd, Rasht, Birjand and Kermanshah in order to introduce the best startups of each city to the investors.”

He further added, "From among the other objectives to be considered at INOTEX 2019 are the association of technology companies as well as the national and international startups and the investigation of the challenges ahead of the way of the ecosystem and content production in this regard.”

It is worth noting that the 1st Innovation Assembly for Asia and the Pacific is due to be held concurrently with INOTEX 2019 at Tehran International Exhibition Center with Iran taking the role of the host of the event.

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