16th regional, expert Techmarts meeting held

0 May 24 2021 In بین‌المللی

The 16th meeting of the regional and expert Techmarts was held online and in person in INOTEX 2021.

Deputy Head of Pardis Technology Park for innovation development Akbar Ghanbarpour participated in the event.

Secretary of Iran National Techmart hailed the achievements of the event.

He added that 95 sharing worth 212 billion tomas were made in the field of marketing, 38 ones worth about 26 billion tomans in meeting the requirements and 22 others worth 110 billion tomans in the field of investment.

The plan of surge in technology trade includes marketing of knowledge-based and technological products (domestic and international marketing), investment in startups, inventions, technological projects, as well as meeting the technological needs of industries.

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