A great Success in reducing the number of traffic fatalities by Researchers of PTP

0 Oct 20 2014 In بین‌المللی

 By commercialization of the technology of the third generation of Radar speed cameras which was achieved by Pardis Technology Park’s researchers, the casualty figures in Tehran's traffic has declined by 50 percent.

Following the success of researchers in Asia Smart Industrial Group (ASIG) in the development of intelligent industrial cameras which records the speed violations and accessing the technology of the third generation of the equipment and after the great use of the products by Tehran Municipality, the statistics show that on average, 50 % of the traffic fatalities in Tehran has decreased.

According to a member of AS IG,the number of casualty figures in routes which are being observed by these cameras, has decreased to 100% in some cases, so that on routes such as Niayesh Tunnel and Sadr Bridge since the installation, there is no report indicating any death or injury. It is in condition that according to this company and the statistics, before the installation, Touhid Tunnel has witnessed many accidents leading to death and injury.

Notably, in addition to the economic savings resulting from the local use of these facilities, 50% reduction of casualty figures in Tehran means reduction of the number of injuries and deaths to 850 persons per year.

Edited On : Dec 21 2014

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