A meeting was held on using Local (National) Technologies for Developing Industrial Parks.

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The meeting on "Using Local (National) Technologies for Developing Industrial Parks” was held with the Collaboration of Iranian National Technomart and Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization at Pardis Tech Park.

As reported by Pardis Tech Park Public Relations Dept., this event was held with the aim of introducing the achievements and the level of technical and engineering ability of the technology and knowledge-based enterprises, managers, operators and practitioners at Industrial and technology parks with the collaboration of the Iranian National Technomart and Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization in Pardis Tech Park on Wednesday (May 9th 2018).

Reducing construction and maintenance expenses of the Parks as well as using modern technologies in order for the improvement of services provided for the beneficiaries through the capabilities of the national (local) companies were the two subjects of high interest and focus in this event. The specialized focuses of the event were as follows:

·Using efficient design methods in Industrial Parks,

·Employing modern technologies in the Parks’ infrastructural establishments,

·Utilizing new and renewable energies,

·Reducing energy consumption,

·Optimizing the existing areas and increasing the potential capacities,

This event was held in two parts of exhibitions and face-to-face meetings, and with the attendance of representatives from nearly all of the industrial parks across the country, manager and authorities of Iran Small industries and Industrial Parks Org., the Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial and Special Economic Zones, the managers of Free Zones’ Industrial Parks and Energy Industry Services Association of Iran, and more than 25 technology companies displayed their achievements.

In this event, after the meeting of the suppliers and the operators, 30 other face-to-face meetings were held, whose negotiations and agreements will be investigated and tracked by the brokers of Iran National Technomart.

It is notable that this was the "5th Meeting on Using Local ‘National’ Technology in Industrial Fields” which was held by Iranian National Technomart; however, there are other events on the agenda to be held with the association of public and governmental organizations who are the potential customers of technological products and services.

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