Anticipation for the Presence of some Eleven Thousand Companies at Pardis Innovation Area

0 Jun 21 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The Head of Pardis Technology Park said, "If we can establish the innovation area of Pardis, it will definitely pave the way for the establishment of the special economic zone of as well.”

According to the public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, Mehdi Safarinia, the Head of the Park, said in a friendly meeting held with the presence of the startups and knowledge-based companies as well as the Speaker of the Islamic Parliament, "In order to establish the innovation area of Pardis, we are currently purchasing lands and we are carrying out the administrative affairs, and it will result within two months.”

He added, "Our prediction is that some 11 thousand companies are due to get established in the innovation area and they will hit the record of 155 billion Rials sales for their products.”

According to Safariinia, We can easily turn this area into a special economic zone if only we can attract the supports of the Parliament.”

He also enumerated that, "Pardis Technology Park has defined its responsibilities on four principal bases including creating a scientific campaign in the nation, creating a model of knowledge-based commerce design model, designing a startup trend and establishing technology parks.”

Later in his remarks, Mr. Safarinnia asserted that, "Some 230 knowledge-based companies inside and about 2 thousand knowledge-based companies under the supervision of Pardis Technology Park are already at work.”

He further added, "We are following up this issue so that we can establish the innovation area of Pardis near Tehran, and the special economic zone at Pardis Technology Park with the supports of the government and the Parliament.”

According to Safarinia, some 80% of the total sales of Pardis Technology Park had been equal to 60 thousand billion Rials in 2017.

The Head of Pardis Technology Park referred to the members of Tehran Innovation Network and noted that, "Right now, some 40 brokers at the Center for Business Development of Pardis Technology Park, 96 companies in the owned properties section of the Park, 47 companies at the rented properties section of the Park, 52 companies at the Elites Technology Incubator and 1350 legal memebrs of Tehran Innovation Center are already active in the Park.”

He referred to the 80 startups already active in different branches of Pardis Technology Park, who have created job for more than 450 people, Mr. Safarinia said, "In addition, some 330 independent startups are working at 40 accelerators under the supervision of Pardis Technology Park.”

Having mentioned that some 20% of the active startups in Pardis Technology Park are the Iranian Specialists and Entrepreneurs who have returned to Iran, Safarinia added, "These specialists would live in America, Canada, England, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and Malaysia.”

According to Safarinia, 4% of the companies settled here at Pardis Technology Park were established by foreign investments from Italy, Sweden, France, South Korea and Belgium.

He also mentioned that, "We are willing to expand Pardis Innovation Area to some 100 hectares area, but since the budget of the Park has not increased for 2019, we will definitely encounter several financial problems.”

According to him, Some 28 thousand specialists are already taking advantage of the service of Pardis Technology Park. "Besides, we have been successful to establish technomart in 20 provinces.”

Referring to the fact that 40 accelerators, working under the supervision of Pardis Technology Park, have covered the activities of 400 startups, Safarinia mentioned that, "During the last three years, the average amount of 13 thousand and 6 hundred technological products have been produced and manufactured by these companies.”

In respect of the planning adopted for the establishment of Pardis Innovation Area and the Special Economic Zone near Tehran, the Head of Pardis Technology Park mentioned that, "If we can expand the area of Pardis Technology Park to 1000 hectares, we predict that some 11 thousand companies will be established here, which would create jobs for some 50 thousand people.”

The Head of Pardis Technology Park said in the end of his remarks, "Pardis Technology Park has a great potential for the establishment of Innovation Area and a Special Economic Zone; however, this requires serious supports on the side of the government and Parliament.”

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