Drug and Nanotechnology; Priority Fields of Cooperation between Iran and Ukraine

0 Oct 10 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Ukrainian Ambassador in company with a delegation from the embassy, based on the order of Ukraine National Academy of Science and with the aim of increasing the level of business interaction with Pardis Technology Park and its member companies visited the park.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, a delegation headed by Ukraine's new Ambassador to Iran Serhii Burdyliak, Colonel Bilenkyi Andrii, the military attaché, and Bogen Kravchenko, the economic affiliate, visited the Park.

Ukraine’s Ambassador stated about the aims of the visit: There has been no serious technological cooperation between Iran and Ukraine, so far. Now, we expect new and serious collaborations.”

He added: "Areas of aerospace, welding and nanotechnology are active in Ukraine. Hence, the fields of medicine and nanotechnology are of paramount importance to us. Many Iranian delegations, many of which are located at Pardis Technology Park, visit Ukrainian companies throughout the year.”

Burdyliak remarked: "With facilitating and precise planning to integrate visits to the companies located in the Park, we can promote technological collaborations.”

In the following, the Ukrainian Ambassador pointed out the report of this visit and said: "A report of today’s visit will be sent to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we also get acquainted to the government interactions with the private sector in Iran.”

He welcomed the presence and visits of PTP’s companies to Ukrainian parks and successful companies, and said: "Paton Scientific and Research Institution of Ukraine, is highly willing to have cooperation with Iran. We also welcome your representatives to visit Ukraine. Just send us their favorite fields for visiting and getting familiar.”

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