End of International Workshop of Technology Transfer and Exchange Network TTEN

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International training workshop for technology exchange as one of the I.R. Iran's proceedings in action plan 2016 of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) was held successfully.

According to the public relation department of Pardis Technology Park, this workshop planed by Iran National Technomarket Network as the representative of I.R. Iran in TTEN and in partnership with the secretariat of that network located in Pardis Technology Park was held from Apr. 24, 2016 to 27in the Park.

The opening of the workshop was held on Apr. 24 at Parsian Esteghlal Hotel attending some officials of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, some of the D-8 ambassadors in Tehran, the representatives of some organizations and centers related to science and technology and the workshop participants.

3 days of this 4-day workshop, were allocated to the training panels and some visits have been done from successful technology transfer samples at Mapna Group on the last day.

Educational content of the workshop was developed focusing on licensing, technical knowledge transfer, technology assessment, and technology policy and was taught by professors from Tapco and Oilifna from I.R. Iran and France, respectively.

40 participants from policymaking institutions, organizations active in the field of science and technology, technology parks and incubators, industrial estates, technology exchange agents, and some of the private company related to the science and technology, came from 5 countries including I.R. Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Nigeria took part in this workshop.

According to the schedule, the workshop's 1st day was held in Seraj Technology Complex in Pardis Technology Park, the 2nd day was hosted by Arian Jahan Energy active in the field of environment and energy, and the 3rdday was held by Pars Online, IT service provider.

In addition to creating an attractive atmosphere for the audience, holding the workshop in diverse environments, provided an opportunity for participant to get familiar with the host companies' activities and programs. This also could raise their satisfaction with the workshop administration.

Since this event was considered as the 1st step of the action plan 2016 of Iran in TTEN, the presence and participation of the representatives of 5 countries were highly important, and it can be considered as achievement toward gaining the goals of the network. Because the 1st principle for the network success is the presence and active participation of member countries and also being its network program in the countries' priority that materialized properly in this event, by the grace of God.

Iran National Technomarket Network, in the coming programs at TTEN, considers some other programs of international training for the network's members that would be announced in future.

It is worth to be noted that I.R. Iran's action plan to be active in the foresaid field, was approved in the 3rd meeting of the network's high council in Dec. 2015 which was hostedby Malaysia.

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