End of the Conference of Exploiting the Domestic Technologies on Health

0 Nov 13 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Mr. Akbar Ghanbarpour, Head of Iran National Technomart said, "The Conference of Exploiting the Domestic Technologies on Health & Equipment came to an end after being held with the presence of 45 knowledge-based and Tech companies from among the enterprises membered at Science and Technology Parks as well as the Technology Incubators and a group of experts and custodians of the treatment centers and hospitals across the nation with the aim of realizing the acceptable achievements.

Mr. Ghanbarpour added, "in this two-day event held with the thrive of Iran National Technomart, about one hundred people from among the custodians active in the field of health and medical equipment including the deputies and managers of the universities of medical sciences, presidents of the public and private hospitals, authorities of the National Medical Device Directorate and the Red Crescent Society and the representatives of the Social Security Organization as well as the members of Iran-Georgia Chamber of Commerce carried out effective negotiations in order to draw up commercial contracts in addition to giving visits to the achievements of the knowledge-based companies.”

"During the event, a primary agreement was closed for the purchase of the products of the five demonstrating companies and the subsequent measures in order to finalize the agreements and converting them into real contracts are in process by the broker of this center. Besides, eight other contracts in the field of presenting marketing and sales development, receiving technical confirmations and exporting products have been drawn up between the companies attending the conference and the broker of the center”, added Mr. Ghanbarpour in respect of the achievements of the event.

"In addition, a group of agreements have been made with the purpose of renovating and equipping some hospitals using the capabilities of the companies taking part in this event, and a memorandum of agreement was concluded between two of these companies aimed at procuring parts and devices, and all these projects are to be pursuit until reaching the favorable results”, he added.

It is notable that the training course of "Introduction to the Principles of ISO Auditing” was held for the attending companies free of charge.

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