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0 Jun 12 2021 In بین‌المللی

Pardis Technology Park hosts heads of science and technology parks

Meeting of the heads of the Iranian science and technology parks was held by Pardis Technology Park in person and online.

Addressing the event, the supervisor of Science, Research and Technology Ministry for planning affairs Park Behnam Talebi appreciated Pardis Technology, saying the event was aimed at visiting the beautiful and valuable Pardis Technology Park and be informed of its activities to help other science and technology parks.

Meanwhile, President of Pardis Technology Park Mahdi Saffari Nia hailed constructive and suitable relations between Iranian technology parks and hoped for them to be able to use this capacity to create job for youths.

He referred to establishing Azadi and Highway innovation factories, saying about 400 accelerators and innovation centers are working with these factories.

He noted that over 400,000 billion rials of investment have been made and 11,000 billion tomans worth of technological products have been sold by employing 6,500 people in Pardis Technology Park.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Saffari Nia pointed to important plans like Mustafa Prize, International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX). Iran National Techmart, holding festivals and technology exchange events, cooperation with Securities and Exchange Organization, creating innovation acceleration center, establishing Hi-Tech Development Fund, participation in launching Venture capital (VC) model of investment in Iran, holding programs for connecting industry and university, commercializing research findings, participation in defining the first expert city in Iran with science and technology mission, launching a specialized technology service center, creating Iranian and foreign scientists' park and signing contracts worth billion rials on commercializing technology units' achievements as the most important measures taken by Pardis Technology Park.

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