INOTEX Exhibition 2019 put an end to its Activity by selecting the Best Participants

0 Jun 21 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Akbar Ghanbarpour, the Secretary of the 8th International Innovation & Technology Exhibition said in the closing ceremony of this exhibition, "More than 200 start-ups and 100 knowledge-based companies attended in the 8th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition”, IRNA reported from the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park.

He further added, "20 accelerators and innovation centers, more than 100 knowledge-based companies, 14 independent inventors, 15 technology brokers as well as 12 Science & Technology Parks and incubators participated at INOTEX 2019.”

The Secretary of the 8th International Innovation & Technology Exhibition continued that, "At INOTEX 2019, there was a stage with the capacity of 400 persons, which discussed the challenges ahead of Iran’s innovation and technology ecosystem in the form of speeches, talk shows and panels.”

Mr. Ghanbarpour noted that, "The final stage of the start-up event, which had taken place in six cities including Kermanshah, Rasht, Bandar Abbas, Yazd, Tehran and Birjand, was held at INOTEX 2019 with the attendance of 13 finalist startups.”

In this regard, Digikala, Aberzes, Qeshm Voltage and Switch were elected as the four best booths of the exhibition.

Robax, Rostaapp and Alopark were also introduced as the best counters of the 8th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition.

Some 71 startups from across the nation rivaled with one another at INOTEX Pitch.

At the end of this competition, Mercury as the first team, Sabz Palayesh Satrap as the second, and Trep Saz as the third team were introduced.

Sabz Palayesh Satrap was elected and introduced as the elect team of Iran & Germany’s Chambers of Commerce.

The 8th International Innovation & Technology Exhibition started its activity from 9 June 2019 And it successfully came to the final point on 12 June 2019 Here at Tehran International Exhibition Center.

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