Inauguration of the 35th International Conference of the Parks and Innovation Centers

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"Some 500 participants from 50 countries across the world attend this Conference, which is a significant gathering from the aspect of transferring global experience and establishing communication with the science and innovation network”, said the secretary of the International Conference on Sunday in an interview with IRNA News Agency.

Hassan Khakbaz mentioned that, "The most important happening in this Conference is the appropriate condition for the exchange of ideas among the Science and Technology Parks, where in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, mutual negotiations will be held between the managers of the national and international parks.”

He built up the main subject of the International Conference of the Science and Technology Parks and the Areas of Innovation on cities and stable communities, training and developing innovation ecosystems and said, "From among the entire 158 articles received by the secretary of the Conference from 30 countries from all around the world, some 53 articles were selected and 27 articles will be presented orally.” The Executive Secretary of this Conference elaborated on the reason for choosing Isfahan, by Moscow International Conference, in order to have been host to the Conference for the last two years, the archaism and the substantial activities of Isfahan Science and Technology Town.”

He asserted that, "The City of Nantes in France will be host to the Conference of the year 2019, and some countries such as Slovenia, Mexico and Spain are the candidates for being host to the 37th International Conference of the Science & Technology Parks and the Areas of Innovation in 2020; however, the final candidate will be assigned in a voting to be held in the General Assembly of IASP Association.”

The 35th International Conference of Science & Technology Parks and the Areas of Innovation will be held from Sep. 2nd-5th, 2018 hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran and by Isfahan Science and Technology Town, in Abbasi Hotel for the first time ever.

According to IRNA News Agency, the number of Technology Incubators in the country was 131 in 2012; however, at the end of the year 2017, this number luckily reached 193.

The number of Science & Technology Parks across the country has also increased from 31 parks in 2012 to 41 parks in 2017, which are regarded as the main center for the growth and development of the knowledge-based companies.

The number of people employed in the knowledge-based companies, on the other hand, has also increased from 19 thousand employees in 2012 to more than 42 thousand in 2017.

It is worth noting that representatives from Pardis Technology Park will participate in this Conference.

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