Indian universities Presidents visited Pardis Technology Park

0 Nov 22 2014 In بین‌المللی

A delegation of Indian university’s presidents visited Pardis Technology Park in order to become familiar with the achievements and successes of PTP in the development of technology.

In this visit, Prof. Moshahed Hossein,  president of Rouhlikand University  in otrpraadesh , Prof. G.N.Ghazi, the president of Hamdard  in Deli and Prof. Talaat Ahmad,  the  President of the Islamic  National Society of New Delhi, were familiarized with PTP’s process of technology development  and commercializing  the Nanotechnology  activities, the Indian companies collaboration in INOTEX exhibition, interactions and cooperation  with  domestic universities, PTP’s  activities in condition of sanction and technological products of knowledge-based companies in PTP.

At the end of this visit, in addition to visiting the permanent exhibition of technological products, the guests attended one of knowledge-based companies and were familiarized with the activities and products of the company.

Edited On : Jan 10 2015

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