Innovations from Wastewater to Wate Festival offers Elect Plans

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The Festival was held yesterday in the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, where representatives from 8 elect plans were granted to opportunity to offer their plans to the owners of industries, researchers and investors.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, the festival of "Innovations from Wastewater to Water”, which was held yesterday with the efforts of Iran National Technomart, Innovation and Prosperity Fund and the Innovation Services Network, was the 15th edition of the event offering innovative products and it could successfully play the role of a go-between and a facilitator between the producers of industrial plans in the area of water purification on one hand, and the industry sector, on the other. In the very beginning of this festival, Milad Sadrkhanloo, the Head of the Center for Technology Trade Development, referred to the objectives of such festivals and said, "Festivals are one of the most important instruments at Iran National Technomart for administering the technology market. Our principal objective here at Iran National Technomart is to get supply and demand closer to each other in the area of technology.”

He added, "Of course, this act of putting these two concepts close together is not only aimed at identifying supply and demand and introducing them to each other, but the problem is that the overall literature of technological and academic units are totally different with that of industry and marketplace, and it is necessary for us to establish a kind of common language between them as well. Therefore, using tech brokers who function as the mediators of the exchange of technology, Iran National Technomart attempts to establish such a simultaneity, and festivals, in this regard, are the means to the realization of this very objective.”

In answer to the reason for selecting such a topic for holding this festival Sadrkhanloo argued, "The crisis of water deficit in the recent years has turned into a big and dangerous issue for the country; therefore, we selected this topic due to the need of the society and existence of the required capacities for converting wastewater into pure water.”

He asserted that, "For holding this festival, we spent several months working with our colleagues in Iran National Technomart and Boomerang Brokerage, so that we could identify and judge the best technological supplies. In the end, the judgements were done, and some 29 plans were elected and recorded in a booklet, out of which some 8 plans were selected to be presented in this festival.”

Having referred to the guests to participate in this festival, the Head of the Center for Tech Trade Development mentioned that, "From among the big industries, the potential customers and investors were identified and invited to this festival. In addition, there were also guests from the governmental authorities such as representatives from the Ministry of Energy in order to observe the presented plans.”

Noting that the end of this festival will not definitely be the end of this story at all, Sadrkhanloo asserted that, "The most important parts of the festival are expected to be its subsequent activities, and God Willing, hereinafter, we will hold B2B meetings between the presenters of the plans and the industries as customers and we try our best not to restrict such meetings to today’s festival and that we can pursue such events in the future.”

Head of the Center for Technology Trade Development maintained that, "Planners and producers are not merely looking forward to investors. This is a common mistake that we think planners are only looking for investors; they are more craving for developing their market rather than just attracting investments. Boomerang Brokerage and Iran National Technomart are trying to follow up on B2B meetings beyond the scope of this particular event, so that they can establish a communication between the craftsmen and planners in the area of wastewater technology industry.”

Further in the ceremony, Marzieh Shaverdi, the Director of Innovation and Prosperity Fund Empowerment said that, "This fund has been established in order to support the knowledge-based companies. The services offered to the knowledge-based and tech companies commensurate with the record of the companies, and they can enjoy the privileges of this fund.”

She called the research and technology funds as the colleague authorities of the Innovation and Prosperity Funds and said, "Based on the approach of the latest manager of the fund, we have entered into collaboration with some 18 research and technology funds. In this regard, th Innovation and Prosperity Fund has already allocated 269 billion Tomans loans and 900 billion Tomans credit line to the research and technology funds.”

Referring to the approaches of this fund in the area of water, Shaverdi noted that, "Since this is one of the major challenges of the nation, it has been placed among the plans with high priority. In this section, we have taken into account two important issues: first, the subject of technology and innovation in agriculture and the second one, getting the utilized water back to the water cycle, for which we have considered several different packages for the knowledge-based companies active in this area.”

Amir Alam, the Scientific Committee Secretary of the festival from Iran University of Science and Technology was another lecturer of this ceremony. Referring to the problems of our country in the area of water, He mentioned that, "Our country is in an unfavorable water condition, and this can simply exert serious damages to different areas as a substantial crisis. With respect to the importance of this problem, lack of attention of the relevant authorities and craftsmen to water and wastewater, non-existence of a powerful and reliable technology for this trouble and lack of a competent tribunal for making appropriate decisions in this regard, we decided to establish a Campaign called OHAB with the advocates of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.”

The Secretary of the Scientific Committee of the festival said, "Iran University of Science and Technology is active in this field in cooperation with Boomerang Technology Exchange Network, and their objective is to observe the technologies in the area of water and to lay the foundations for the development of the appropriate plans and to introduce them to the industries and applicants. OHAB has considered special privileges for the technologists so that they can resume their activities with the assistance of university and the facilities therein.”

Further in the event, 8 elect plans introduced their products. "Modern Packages of Wastewater Refining for Industrial Wastewater Refining Multi-Stage Reactor”, "Thin Nanofiber Composite Membrane Production”, "Purification of Different Industrial Wastewater and Urban Sewage”, "Modern Electrochemical Machinery”, "Water and Wastewater Purification System”, "Automatic Water Recycling System from Industrial and Textile Wastewater” and "Beverage Factory Wastewater Purification” were among the elect plans of this festival. Finally, after introducing the plans, the investors, the craftsmen and the researchers participated in B2B meetings.

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