International Workshop on Computational Nano-Electronics was held

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The industry of semiconductor has grown significantly and that of Molecular Electronics has drawn the attention because of the increasing growth of Silicon Electronics Technology; so that technology giants such as IBM, have made a significant investment in this area. For the development of Nano-electronic devices, computing devices have been designed by now which have the ability to predict the physical properties and electron transport in these structures. Having invited the famous figures to the international workshop of Computational Nanoelectronics, Nano-electronics was trained with quantum and semi-classical approach.

In this workshop, the participants got familiar with computational tools of Computational Nanoelectronics and the first-class scientists of this field explained about their latest achievements.

The first day: on the first day of this workshop, Dr. Reza Kalantari Nejad, the CEO of Shezan, presented his lecture after the opening ceremony, and then Dr. Amir Khodadadian and Dr. Heitzinger from Technical University of Vienne presented their latest achievements in the field of modeling of field-effect transistors and sensors based on them. Presenting the first day’s achievements of the workshop by the scientific secretary was the final section of the day. On the first day, the workshop was held in four sessions and 8 hours totally. The topics were discussed on the workshop’s first day were:

-Random methods for solving differential equations with the partial derivative

-Mathematical modeling of transistors and sensors based on FET

-Study of separation and capture in biosensors

-Study and modeling of Nano-cavities

The second day: the second day of the workshop was started by the lecture of Dr. Behtash Behin Ayeen. In this lecture. Data storage by electron spin, advantages, and disadvantages of the next generation of memories including RERam and MRam were discussed in this speech. The main part of the workshop's first session was allocated to the storage system of MTJ (Magnetic Tunnel Junction) and the way it works.

The next topic was how to read and write on the disk by the resistance and optimize the MTJ systems. In the second part, Prof. Soprio Data gave a video lecture about the structure and layers of atoms, quantum wave equation and quantum transfer.

In the final part, Dr. Behin Ayeen discussed and examined various subjects such as Ballistic Conductance and Diffusive Conductance.

Playing a pre-recorded video of Prof. Data could be mentioned as one of the other programs of the second day of the workshop.

The last day: the train of the International Nano-electrics Workshop arrived to the last station while the subjects such as "introducing the Bio-fet group of Shezan Company", "the project of Biosensors 3 and the simulations in this field which lead to design and construction", Nanotubes simulations", "Gas sensors", and "Two specialized software in this field" were discussed.

The last day of the workshop was started by a lecture of Muhammad Ali Manzoor al-Ajdad about Shezan Company and Bio-FET Group.

In the following of the project, he also explained about biosensor platform and upcoming challenges for measurement of the targeted molecule.

Then Bio-FET sensors and the advantages, and how simulation helps design and construction were discussed were discussed. The SHEZAN Bio-FET Code was introduced which are being developed in partnership with Vienne Technical University and Dr. Heitzinger's group.

Launching clean room and parallel processing to facilitate the implementation of technical processes for product development, whether in the field of simulation and design or construction fields were discussed, as well.

After the speech of Mr. Manzoor al-Ajdad, Dr. Ahmadi commenced his lecture about simulation of nanotubes in the software Quantumwise ATK. After explaining the prerequisite items for the participants, he introduced the software and explained how to use it and its options, also.

CNT-FET gas sensors, design, and simulation of molecular dynamics and quantum transport were the topics which were explained for the participants in the next part of the workshop by Eng. Kiyarash Hosseini, the Bio-FET manager project. The achievements of these studies which have been done in the fields of construction and simulation were expressed, also.

At the end, Prof. Alexandre Rocha, one of the main developers of the Smeagol Code gave a video conference about quantum transport physics.

The international workshop for computational electronics was held on Sep. 27, 28 and 29, 2016 by SHEZAN Knowledge-based Co. in Pardis Technology Park.

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