Invention Patents and Appendices Documentation Workshop in Pardis Technology Park

0 Mar 18 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

TISK project (workshops on the methods of searching on invention databases as well as invention documents & appendices documentation methods) was held with the aim of empowering companies and universities and developing technology & innovation support centers in Pardis Technology Park.

As reported by the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, TISK Offices are to be established and activated at the universities as well as science & technology parks in order to facilitate accession to technical and scientific knowledge, providing assistance to the research corpora in carrying out innovative projects and handing over ideas to the market, for which specialized training workshops are held and conducted by international specialist instructors, all and all aimed at providing optimal services to the ideologists.

"Whereas, Islamic Republic of Iran is the member of the World Intellectual Property Organization like many other countries in the world emphasizing the intellectual ownership of people or institutions, and since invention and innovation are regarded as the undeniable prerequisites of development and also with respect to the fact that the motive force of economy is creative and dynamic and underlies a stable economy, the Intellectual property Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran has applied for imposing macro-policies and planning in the high-level documents related to this task”, said Mehrdad Eliasi, the Head of Patent office, regarding the development and execution of TISK project.

He further added that, "the workshops on the methods of searching on invention databases and developing the technology and innovation support centers as well as the patent workshop, have all been held with the aim of marking specific targets in the fast-paced way of developing the knowledge-based sciences as well as intellectual ownership in order to help TISK offices located in the universities and other science & technology parks.”

Eliasi also made remarks on the objectives of these training workshops and said, "TISK offices have been operated with the purpose of promoting the intellectual ownership and national innovation and also in line with empowering the beneficiary authorities including universities, science & technology parks and research institutes etc. and official delegates from these offices are supposed to be present in these workshops.”

He asserted that, "one of the problems that is usually encountered with by the universities and patent applicants, is how to document the invention deeds. Passing the documentation stages based on the international standards and writing the patents and using and commercializing the invention are among the services provided by these offices for the ideologists. Moreover, these offices can easily get access to search services as well as the latest scientific achievements in different fields of technology.

The execution of this project will provide and promote services such as searching or technical knowledge, observing technologies, patents, invention documentation, the possibility to transfer technology, employing and commercializing technologies, creating legal cooperation and establishing TISK offices as well as the possibility to establish a comprehensive network being able to gather all the separate chain of inventions together in a virtual atmosphere.

It is worth noting that the 1st round of this gathering titled "The Method of Searching for Invention Databases” will be held from 12th-15thNov. 2018, and the 2nd round of the gathering named "Invention Documents & Appendices Documentation Methods” will be held from 12th-16thJan. 2019 in Pardis Technology Park. Some 80 experienced national participants are due to take part in this event.
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