Iran unveils 1st anti-COVID19 drug Salira Vira

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With the efforts made by researchers in MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company which is a company in Pardis Technology Park, ‘Salira Vira’ as the first Iranian anti-COVID19 drug was unveiled in the presence of the President of Pardis Technology Park Mahdi Saffari Nia.

According to public relations office of Pardis Technology Park, coronavirus has 25-27 proteins which will be connected to those in human body and will take the control of cells.

The virus enters the bloodstream through the airways or through wounds. There are few numbers when the virus enters the body. After 3 days of viral replication, a healthy person will become infected. After about three days, the symptoms of the disease appear.

Researchers in MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company have produced a medicine for this disease which is now available for the medical staff and people.

The drug has been verified by Food and Drug Administration of Iran.

This drug has achieved acceptable results during the clinical trials and can be promising for controlling COVID19.

Salira vira is produced in four types of nasal spray, mouth spray, inhaler drops and oral tablets.

Introduction of four types of Salira Vira:

The nasal spray and oral tablets are two common kinds of medicine.

The tablet is absorbed by gastrointestinal tract and immunizes the blood and prevents cytokine storm.

The nasal spray covers the immune parts of the sinuses as well as the areas where there is a possibility of increased virus counts.

Salira Vira oral spray is one of the standard forms of medicine which will be effective in pharyngeal region reducing the coronavirus count.

MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company has been focusing on aromatherapy for many years, and even has a specialized incense therapy clinic.

Importance of using four types of Salira Vira drugs:

Treatment with this drug requires using four types simultaneously for at least 8 days, and by using only one type, you will not get the optimal result.

The results of a clinical trial on this drug showed a 50% reduction in the duration of treatment and no need for hospitalizing any of the people in the treatment group with Salira Vira.

The use of one or two types of Salira Vira may have positive effects in the treatment of coronavirus, but to acheive results similar to those in clinical trial, it is necessary to take four types simultaneously.

Salira Vira effective in preventing COVID19:

One of the important points of Salira Vira drug is preventing coronavirus.

Taking Salira Vira tablets every day, using nasal and oral sprays at the same time or taking salira Vira daily can reduce the risk of coronavirus.

It is also recommended that Salira Vira nasal and oral sprays be used before and after presence in high-risk areas such as crowded centers or public transportation systems.

Sprays can physically target and inactivate the virus before it enters the cell. Salira Vira is the first drug in the world to be introduced as a four-component indication treatment for coronavirus.

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