Iranian, Islamic arts used in Pardis Technology Park mosque

0 Aug 21 2020 In بین‌المللی

Managing Director of Pardis Technology Park for development affairs Ahmad Shiraz Nezhad said Iranian and Islamic arts have been used in construction of the mosque in Pardis Technology Park.

He added that the mentioned mosque in an area covering about 1,000 square meters includes lobby, shabestan, office, toilet and a room for janitors.

Due to its special conditions and credits granted, the project was finalized in various phases and became operational two years ago, he noted.


Suitable geographical location is one of the most important characteristics of the mosque.

Elaborating on the design of the mosque, he said manifestations of Iranian and Islamic archeology and art are evident in the design of the construction.


It is mixed with engineering, stucco, brick, Qashani, Muqarnas, wood carving and calligraphy, he added.

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