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Silicon Valley is a nickname for a region situated about 70 Km southeast of San Francisco in the United States of America. This area is known as the heart of world’s technology since many of the known informatics companies such as Apple, Asus, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are located in it. Silicon Valley is the symbol of the region in which the high-tech companies gathered together. Such an area springs to mind and the common imagination of a scientific organization is changed when you enter Pardis Technology Park.

The entrance and symbol of the park is a triangular building which appears on a road ending at the park. The building with a different look is a symbol of stability and balance and the triangle has been chosen as the most stable geometric shape. When you enter the park, see buildings each of which has different look. They do not look like each other nor the normal buildings in the cities. In this great technology park, the companies are allowed to make their buildings with customized and different architecture. In Pardis Technology Park, what calls the shots is innovation. The Scientists'Garden is situated in the middle of the park, in which busts of the various fields of science and scientists from different countries are located next to each other. More than the buildings’ facades, innovation and research works are done by various companies surprise people while they enter the buildings.

Most of the ideas, innovations and professions are deposited in the park, of which educated and trained manpower is the largest capital.

A Space for the Development of Knowledge-based Companies

Pardis Technology Park is the biggest technology park which has been established in 2005 as the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs’ subset and with the partnership of some of the universities and centers for science and research, afterward, in 2006 started working with the aim of commercialization, technology development and knowledge-based companies’ market development. The park provides private and knowledge-based companies with opportunity and workspace to be able to research and develop and increase the revenue of the country without any concern. The 1st phase of Pardis Technology Park has been triggered and the 2nd phase named "Health Technology Park” is being built. The park is a successful example for the other technology parks in the countries and has been progressive in many fields. A variety of private companies operating in various fields of technology, national laboratories, and major technological projects are seen in the park.

How Companies Settle in Pardis Technology Park

There are 250 companies in Pardis Technology Park by now in which nearly 2500 persons work. These companies provide around 1000 products. The environmental requirements related to green space and wastewater system have been observed. If a company wants to pour a specific substance to the wastewater, it would be done regarding the environmental standards and regulations. The green space is 35% of total area of the park, as well.

Large companies which have sufficient labor force and several products are allowed to transfer all the company’s processes to the park and benefit from the park’s services and supports. The knowledge-based companies are able to do their researches without any financial concerns in the park where all the amenities of a modern city are provided. The target of Pardis Technology Park is empowering and innovation of the knowledge-based companies in specialized fields. Most of the companies located in Pardis Technology Park were active in the fields of IT, E-commerce, and electronic banking until four years ago, but the number of companies which are active in the fields of development of medical devices, biotechnology and the companies active in other areas of technology is growing.

The small companies which have recently started commercialization and own less workforce could settle in the park’s rental spaces. These companies could benefit from the park’s supports and develop their work. For example, Aisan Teb Co. is developing its innovative invention by producing intraocular lens injector using at cataract surgery. Kimia Tech Co. also produces chest ECG (electrocardiography) electrodes. The gel designed for the electrodes is a kind of home-made gel of which adhesion and elasticity are increased simultaneously and is compatible with the skin. The startups with new ideas which have not reached the commercialization level, can enter and settle at PTP’s incubator and use this center’s facilities and commercialize their plans.

Why Pardis?

Technology Parks should be near the cities all over the world. Among the suggested areas near Tehran, Pardis is a region with a nice weather condition which is situated in Tehran’s progress horizon from the east and has easy access to the urban environment and Pardis New City’s residential facilities. Several branches of Azad Islamic University and Payame Noor University are around the region and the access to the park is easier for the students and professors of the universities. The industrial estates of Jajroud, Kamard, Khoramdasht, Damavand, and Guilavand are located close to the park. In fact, the research and industrial units settled in technology parks all over the world have been established in order to research and investigation, and production process must be accomplished out of the park. Hence, Pardis Technology Park has been built with researched-based infrastructure and production process could be transferred to the industrial areas around the park.

Cooperations of the Companies with Each Other in Pardis Technology Park

Technology Park is a space for the companies with professional advanced or comprehensive technology which gathered together and the government supports them.

Being together with the knowledge-based companies in a scientific environment creates convergence and new cooperations so that they do activities for commercialization through the interaction between them.

Most of the products produced in Pardis Technology Park, enter the industry or presented to the people directly. For example, the customers receive produced medicines directly. There is no chemical medicine producer in this park, biologic drugs are produced using living organisms, and few companies produce herbal medicine. Anti-cancer drugs, drugs for specific diseases, hepatitis, diabetic foot ulcers, migraine headaches, AIDS control drugs and seasonal flu drugs are some of the drugs produced by companies located in the park, but most of the products enter industrial sector and lead to produce other products; Such as the machines which the other companies use, some industries like oil, gas, and hospitals use the park’s products more than any other place.

School students can use Fan Amouz Science Park to learn sciences such as biology, physics, mathematics, and chemistry interactively. If the university students are going to set up a business, they will be able to enter the park with some conditions; at the first level, they have to have a clear and obvious idea, then their idea’s research process must be already finished and ready for implementation, and a group must be already formed. Also, the persons who have an idea for commercialization have to consider this job as a fulltime job and devote enough time to it.

Incubator; A Place to Support Startups

One of the Pardis Technology Park’s plans is the incubator which has been formed by the aim of support for entrepreneurs and development of startups. Eng. Seyed Ali Hezaveh, the manager of Elite Technology Development Center through an interview with Jam-e Jam Press, introduces the Pardis Technology Park’s incubator in this way: "There are startups in Pardis Technology Park’s incubator which have no products yet, but they have ideas that are ready for commercialization. They make a group and enter the incubator.

Elite Technology Development Center has been working for 5 years in the park. This center calls for the persons who are active in the various professional fields and invites them to introduce their plans to the center. However, the plans must have conditions to be accepted. Hezaveh added about the center’s rubrics: "The center accepts the proposals with the topics of telecommunications technology, IT and ICT, electronics, mechanics and medical equipment, if they have primary conditions and required criteria for membership, their membership request will be approved.”

It is too soon for the proposals which are at the level of idea. The proposal must be on the verge of entering into the business market. The groups are become the center’s members, must be a company or establish a company and have a three-year time to benefit from the center’s services and supports.

They are trained in the field of business and receive a workspace within these three years, also there are companies that give them consultation. The other issue is the validation of these groups.

Some companies develop and enter the other parts of the park after three years, but some of the projects fail. The manager of Elite Technology Development Center reiterated: "About 28 companies are the incubator’s members by now and nearly 20 other companies will enter the incubator until next month.

Sepideh Sha’r Baf

The Science Group, Jam-e Jam Newspaper

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