Iranian company makes device for diagnosing dangerous gases in industries

0 Oct 18 2020 In بین‌المللی

Head of Binab Sanjesh Damavand which is a company affiliated with Pardis Technology Park has designed, manufactured and achieved the technical knowledge of an analyzer for diagnosing dangerous gases in industrial environments like refineries and steel industries.

Mojtaba Rezaie said sensors for diagnosing dangerous gases in houses and some other areas had earlier been designed but the analyzer has been designed for industries.

The analyzers diagnose dangerous gases which pollute the environment or S2H and Methane which cause explosion and prevents accidents.

Rezaie said that the newest technologies have been used in analyzers

He added that Iran needs over 5,000 analyzers but attracting investors is the main objective.

Rezaie reiterated that his company is able to present services to neighboring states like Iraq.

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