Iranian scholar returns home to improve cancer treatment process

0 Jul 07 2020 In بین‌المللی

Iranian scientist Mohammad Reza Lor Nezhad had lived for a long time in Europe.


He studied biochemistry and immunology in Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and had also a company in Austria.

His company specialized in Simulation and modeling of human tissues and pharmaceutical and nano-particle screening tests.

During his visits to Iran, he worked with Zanjan reaserch center and Faculty of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Tehran as an advisor.

He became familiar with Pardis Technology Park in an exhibition which was very interesting for him.

Then, he decided to return home and to start a new job in Iran.

After one year, Lor Nezhad established 'Pishgaman Anahita Company' in Pardis Technology Park.

'Pishgaman Anahita Company' specializes in personalization and optimization of treating cancer.

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