Mar 03 2014
Dr. Nicolais became familiar with PTP activities and expressed their interest in working with Iranian knowledge-based companies

    Italy National Research Council President visited PTP on Sunday 2nd March, 2014. The Italian delegation accompanied by Italian Ambassador to Tehran as well as Cultural Attaché of the embassy were first introduced to the establishment and activities of PTP and were referred to technologies which were worked on at PTP such as Nanotechnology, biotechnology, IT, etc. as areas in which companies work on at PTP in the form of knowledge based companies. Dr. Nicolais continued by emphasizing on the changes that have occurred in advanced technologies in automotive and aviation in Italy and which have led to a serious competition between European countries. He also declared interest in working with Iranian knowledge-based companies. He was later informed of INOTEX exhibition which is to be held in May and showed readiness to inform Italian companies to take part. Finally they visited the PTP exhibition.

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