Karno Camp closing session held

0 Mar 06 2021 In بین‌المللی

Karno Camp as an educational event with an attraction possibility in Pardis Technology Park members held its closing session.

The event was held aiming to increase capacity of academic graduates to work in Pardis Technology Park companies and developing human resources.

Karno Camp includes workshops for practical training of sof skills, consultations in the framework of teamwork challenge and doing technical projects.

Some 30 students and graduates from Tehran universities in the fields of engineering and basic sciences, they learned the essential job skills, experienced different parts of the business environment for two months in a real context of 2 months and improved their skills.

The closing session was held in two sections. In the first section of the program, the teams presented an individual challenge and were evaluated by the judges.

The second part began by explaining the procedure of Karno Camp, and then the participants in a healthy competitive environment, had a four-minute opportunity to introduce themselves to employers, to get the opportunity to have interview and be hired in PTP companies.

The judges selected the top team based on their evaluations and emphasizing criteria such as planning, creativity, risk-taking, sales, etc.

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