Musrafa Prize laureates busts unveiled in Pardis Technology Park

0 Nov 01 2020 In بین‌المللی

The unveiling ceremony of five Mustafa Prize laureates’ busts was held in the presence of Pardis Technology Park president Mahdi Saffari Nia.

Pardis Technology Park has put on its agenda installing busts of Mustafa Prize laureates aiming to praise their efforts in science and technology fields and with cooperation of UNESCO cluster office, Iran's National Elites Foundation and Academy of Sciences of Iran.

Accordingly, busts of Ugur Sahin from Turkey, Ali Khadem Hosseini from Iran, Umran S. Inan from Turkey, Hossein Baharvand and Mohammad Abdolahad were unveiled.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Saffari Nia said we have received recommendations from Islamic countries to host the 4th round of Mustafa Prize.


He noted that Pardis Technology Park is home for hundreds of companies in various fields namely, advanced technologies, bio, nano and other technical fields.


Over 6,000 experts are serving in science and technology.

Over 1,000 Iranian and foreign delegations including political ones, presidents, parliaments, ministers and ambassadors visited the park, he noted.

These scientists have been selected by scientific committee of Pardis Technology Park and their busts have been built based on the committee approvals.

Elaborating on the measures taken by Mustafa Prize in COVID19 era, saying the 7thround of the event was held online to showcase the latest achievements over fighting coronavirus.

He said the virtual edition of EISA will be held soon aiming to showcase scientists’ achievements to investors.

Meanwhile, one of laureates from Turkey Ümran Inan said Iran and Turkey have cultural commonalities and have played major role in developing science and knowledge.


He referred to scientific researches as only solution to COVID19 crisis.

Baharvand, for his part, said coronavirus is not just a medical problem but will certainly cause serious civilizational changes.

In the meantime, Abdolahad said COVID19 showed how much work we have to do.

Medical research is a complex and sensitive field and patients should be used as well. Good work is now being done in cooperation with technical and medical centers.

He called for boosting interactions between Muslims’ scientists.

Edited On : Dec 20 2020

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