Mustafa (PBUH) Art Museum source of international talks

0 Apr 20 2021 In بین‌المللی

The virtual ceremony to commemorate the international artists of Mustafa (PBUH) Art Museum was held together with an online exhibition of the donated artworks.

The event was organized by "The Mustafa Prize” and World Science Forum (WSF).

Prominent artists from India, US, Italy, UK, Hungary, Iran and UAE attended the event.

The executive director of "The Mustafa Prize” Ali Omrani said Mustafa (PBUH) Art Museum is a source for lovers of peace, security and health of Humanity.

The mission of the museum is to narrate values of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Islamic World with regard to establishing peace and security focusing on developing science and technology.

Head of WSF said the event is aimed at reviewing various dimensions of science and art, promoting art through science and science through art.

Developing various networks will make more artists attend the event in the future and be encouraged to donate their works of art to the Mustafa Art Museum.

Participants which were mostly Muslims shared the views on science and art especially Islamic art and art in the Middle East.

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