Nano wound dressings a remedy for burn and diabetic wounds

0 Mar 16 2021 In بین‌المللی

Nano Zist Polymer Pars Company produces dressing for chronic wounds such as burns and diabetes ones using dressing nanofibers.

The special characteristics of this product reduce the healing time and also due to the similarity of the Panotech structure to human skin, the healing process will be faster.

The products were also selected as top projects in Ichallenge.

According to its official website, iChallenge is a technology and innovation broker who tries to identify the technological challenges of the country’s industrial enterprises and call them with valuable prizes.

All students, faculty members from universities and research institutes, independent researchers, small and medium-sized creative and innovative enterprises (whether knowledgeable or not), from inside or outside the country can take part in the challenges of technology and innovation by registering their solutions to IP Challenge and will be awarded if chosen by jury members.

Transparency and better treatment management , preventing the microorganisms and oxygen required to the wound surface ," increasing the speed healing process, reducing treatment costs," alleviating patient pain by using wet treatment and high blood absorption are among outstanding features of the product.

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