National Conference of Regional and Specialized Technomarts Held

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The Twelfth National Conference of Technomarts was held with the presence of a group of officials and activists in the fields of technology and innovation, hosted by Semnan Province Regional Technomart. The necessity of establishing communications between industry, on the one side, and scientific approaches and technological production solutions, on the other, were among the issues enumerated by the lecturers.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, in this conference, Milad Sadrkhanloo, the Head of Iran National Technomart, referred to the necessity of offering scientific approaches toward industry and said, "In order to improve production and realize the slogan of the year, we have to strengthen the relations between industry and university.”

Mentioning that agreements with some thousand billion Rials value have been concluded between the industries and researchers in the past year, he underlined that, "the improvement in production is prone to take place because of the scientific approaches happened in Iran; however, this requires a connection between industry and university.”

Having referred to the activity of Iran National Technomart in 20 province across the nation as well as the activity of a specialized technomart in gas industry, Sadrkhanloo added, "In the latest conference of ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Welfare Commission for Asia and the Pacific) held in June this year, the startup network of Asia and the Pacific was unveiled with the initiative of Iran and its six-month scientific endeavor, with the title of OPEC Startup.

The Head of Iran National Technomart declared that, "within this network, all the startups will be able to have communications and synergies and they can easily receive consultation and mentoring services.”

Further in the meeting, Asghar Masaheb, the Deputy of the Small Industries of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization asserted that, "the approach of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization is the development and penetration of technology into small and average size firms.”

He further added, "The capacities created in the technology parks, tech service centers and the collaborations established with Pardis Technology Park alongside creating regional technomarts can be enumerated as the measures take in line with making a connection between industry and research approaches in the previous year.”

In addition, Hassan Al-e Booyeh, the Managing Director of Semnan Province Industrial parks Company, said, "Semnan has an outstanding capacity for the development of knowledge and technological productions, which have to be used alongside the economic improvement of the province and the nation in general.”

He noted that, "the supply and demand market of Semnan is in favorable conditions and Semnan has had a great upheaval in this field and in the past years.”

Further in his remarks, Mr. Al-e Boyoyeh added, "the lost ring of economic and industrial development of the country is paying attention to knowledge, by which we can simply step toward realizing the slogan of the year.”

Holding the Demand-Oriented Exhibition of Technomarts on July 18th, 2019

Kamal Mohammadi, the Advisor of the Center for Progress and Development of Iran, called on holding the Demand-Oriented Exhibition of Technomarts on July 18th, this year at Tehran International Exhibition Center.

He stated that, "Different companies and industries are expected to announce their needs in the field of technomart at this exhibition, and technologists, on the other side, are committed to follow up on those needs by investigating their capabilities.”

In the other parts of the conference, many other events such as presenting the successful experience of different provinces, the specialized panel of "Technology and Startups Valuation”, Introduction to "Tehran Innovation Network”, Introduction to "Laboratory Network”, Introduction to the services of "Bahman Entrepreneurship Development” and Introduction to "Karanobin”.

In the end of this two-day specialized conference, the technomart activists of Khorasan Razavi, Markazi and Yazd were appreciated as the top activists of this area.”

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