Offering Incentive Packages to the Foreign Companies attending INOTEX 2019

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The Head of Pardis Technology Park asserted that, "the foreign companies membered in ESCAP will be given incentive packages in case they enter into a contract with the Iranian companies.”

According to the Scientific Dept. of IRNA News Agency, the 8th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX) is due to be held from Sunday to Wednesday 9-12 June 2019 at Tehran International Exhibition Center with the slogan of "The Innovation & Technology Ecosystem, under one Roof”, Pardis Technology Park Public Relations Dept. reported.

An exhibition that, according to Mehdi Saffarinia, the Head of Pardis Technology Park, has been host to many startups and tech companies, and the focus of attention for holding INOTEX Exhibition has always been the issues such as drawing up collaboration contracts and attracting investments.

He continued, "During the last four rounds of INOTEX, more than 140 collaboration contracts have been closed among the companies and sometimes with the foreign companies.”

In response to the question that asked which countries will attend INOTEX 2019 this year, Saffarinia referred to holding the First Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum with the association of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and said, "Holding the latter event with Iran as the host to INOTEX 2019 has been approved in the 2nd Innovation Committee of ESCAP.

He added, "Based on the agreements made with the United Nations, this gathering will be host to policymakers in science and technology matters from 63 countries worldwide at the same time with INOTEX 2019 at Tehran International Exhibition Center.”

The Head of Pardis Technology Park added that, "Our focus for the attendance of foreign companies is majorly on the countries membered at ESCAP, and we have considered a lower expense for the presence of foreign companies.”

Having referred to the costs and incentives considered for the presence and activities of the foreign tech companies membered at ESCAP in Iran, Mr. Saffarinia mentioned that, "These companies will enjoy those incentives if they close contracts with their Iranian counterpart companies.”

As part of this Persuasive Package for the ESCAP members, Saffarinia referred to the one-year free-of-charge settlement of these companies at Pardis Technology Park together with freely getting use of the area, 20 years of tax exemption and receiving practice license for the foreign nationals and being supported by a domestic investor as the third party to their contracts made for joint investment.”

He also gave notice of the preparedness of a domestic investor to invest and support the contracts made between the foreign and Iranian companies as a third associate to the contract.

The Head of Pardis Technology Park continued, "This is a special incentive package we have considered for the tech companies membered at ESCAP and interested in attending INOTEX 2019.”

Having referred to the fact that the main objective of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology is to establish a closer relationship with the foreign companies of the 63 countries membered at ESCAP, Mr. Saffarinia underlined the reason for this as to establish further scientific and economic cooperation and communication with these countries and he expressed hope for the significant attendance of the foreign companies membered at ESCAP in INOTEX 2019.

The Head of Pardis Technology Park added that, "We predict we will be host to at least 20 foreign companies alongside the domestic knowledge-based companies in INOTEX 2019.”

The 8th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2019) will take place from 9-12 June 2019 in a place with an area of 10,000 Sq.m. at Tehran International Exhibition Center.

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