On the sidelines of visiting Pardis Technology Park:

0 Jun 09 2021 In بین‌المللی

Head of Sharif University Science and Technology Park terms Pardis Technology Park as most mature technology center in Iran

Head of Sharif University Science and Technology Park said the intellectual and technology capacities of Pardis Technology Park have turned it into the most mature science and technology park in Iran.

One of the differences between Pardis Technology Park and other parks in Iran is that it has become a living city for innovative companies, Dehbidi said.

He added that Pardis Technology Park is no longer a place for several innovative and knowledge-based companies, but a living ecosystem that has all the necessities of life including bank, restaurant, shopping center, etc.

Fortunately, despite the difficult economic conditions in Iran, development activities are being implemented well in Pardis Technology Park.

The suitable atmosphere for CO-OPs and startups has created a good context for maintaining synergy to provide good services for technology companies, Dehbidi stated.

Pardis Technology Park, as the most mature technology park in the country, has created very good intellectual and knowledge capacities to help other technology parks, he said adding that taking advantage of these capacities can help improve Iran's innovation and technology environment.

Edited On : Jul 11 2021

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